Shelby County holds annual 2022-2023 Educator and Student of the Year Awards

Published 1:39 pm Thursday, April 27, 2023

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By LIZZIE BOWEN | Staff Writer

PELHAM – The 2022-2023 Student and Educator of the Year Awards were held at the Pelham Civic Complex in order to honor educators and students of Shelby County for their accomplishments.

Many were packed into the Pelham Civic Complex and Ice Arena to see if they would be honored and acknowledged during the ceremony.

Elementary School Educators that were nominated included:

-Brooke Brock of Calera Elementary School

-Samantha Pierce of Calera Intermediate School

-Kim Smith of Chelsea Park Elementary School

-Susan Rutledge from Coosa Valley Academy

-Marlee Gray from Creek View Elementary School

-Helena Gibson from Elvin Hill Elementary School

-Jana Kelbie Baker from Forest Oaks Elementary School

-Allison Festevan from Helena Elementary School

-Carissa Blackerby of Helena Intermediate School

-Lizzie Vanzant from Inverness Elementary School

-Kimberly Gray from Meadow Brook Elementary School

-Rachel Jordan from Montevallo Elementary School

-Haley King from Mt. Laurel Elementary School

-Janice Lazrre Pitts from Oak Mountain Elementary School

-Teresa Brunetti from Oak Mountain Intermediate School

-Karen Harrison from Pelham Oaks Elementary School

-Stacy Brown from Pelham Ridge Elementary School

-Misty Sherer of Shelby Elementary School

-Alyssa Turner from Thompson Intermediate School

-Melissa Anderson from Vincent Elementary School

-Kayle Posey from Wilsonville Elementary School

“Congratulations to all the nominees in each of these categories,” said Kirk Mancer of the Shelby County Chamber. “All the panel of judges who reviewed the information had an extremely challenging time choosing the recipients in each category. That is a true indication of the excellence we have in Shelby County classrooms.”


The winner of the 2023 Elementary/Intermediate Educator of the year was Lizzie Vanzant of Inverness Elementary School.

Middle School 2023 Educator of the Year nominees included:

-Bethany Aultman of Calera Middle School

-Racheal trice from Chelsea Middle School

-Kayla Garlock from Columbiana Middle School

-Stacey Pardue of Coosa Valley Academy

-Michelle Evans from Helena Middle School

-Karla King from Linda Nolen Learning Center

-Brandon Horton from Montevallo Middle School

-Jeff Norris Oak Mountain Middle School

-Lily Walker Ward from Pelham Park Middle School

-Terri Wright of Thompson Middle School

-Brigitte Vick of Vincent Middle School

The 2023 Middle School Educator of the Year award was given to Jeff Norris of Oak Mountain Middle School.

The high school educators nominated for the 2023 High School Educator of the Year were:

-Majorie Eubanks of Calera High School

-Andrea Maddox of Chelsea High School

-Ramona Jones of Coosa Valley Academy

-Christopher Galloway of Helena High School

-Beth House of Montevallo High School

-Candace Gregory of New Direction

-Emily Roberts of Oak Mountain High School

-Tonya Hatch of Pelham High School

-Stacy Garrett of Shelby County Career and Technical Education Center

-Ashley Venable of Shelby County High School

-Hannah Sizemore of Thompson High School

-Ashley Both of Vincent Middle School

Hannah Sizemore of Thompson High School was selected at the 2023 High School Educator of the Year and tearfully accepted her award with honor.

“Thank you all so much,” she said.

The 2023 Academic Leader students nominated were:

-Kendyl Massey of Calera High School

-Emma Grace Dunnavant from Chelsea High School

-Sydney Risch from Helena High School

-Mason Crowe of Montevallo High School

-Ben dyer of Oak Mountain High School

-Emma Kathleen Studdard of Pelham High School

-Brandon Horn of Shelby County Career and Technical Education Center

-Deniesen Justice of Shelby County High School

-Jasmine Jones from Thompson High School

-Blake Allums of Vicent High School

There were two winners of the 2023 Academic Leader. Recipient number one was Mason Crowe. The second selected was Christian Tyler of Oak Mountain High School. Both received their awards and took photographs of the honor.

The 2023 Career Pathway Students nominated were:

-Alexander Moody of Calera High School

– Chase Fuller of Chelsea High School

-Brooklyn Pylant of Helena High School

-Karen Negrete Silva of Montevallo High School

-Christian Tyler of Oak Mountain High School

-Alexia Renee Mugovro of Pelham High School

-Timothy Wyatt of Shelby County Career and Technical Education Center

-Maleah Hale of Shelby County High School

-Silas Clayton of Thompson High School

-Jackson Graham Cox of Vincent High School

The winner selected was Maleah Hale of Shelby County High School.

“Congratulations to all of our student recipients and nominees,” Mancer said. “We know your diligence and dedication in school will be an asset that will take you far into the future.”