Land transactions for April 17 through April 18

Published 10:58 am Monday, May 1, 2023

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April 17

-Mi Casa Finder LLC to Joanne C. Cory, for $295,000, for Lot 1 in Bermuda Lake Estates First Sector.

-Joseph R. Fortner to Phillip Dean Mayfield, for $500,000, for Lot 35 in Eagle Point First Sector Phase I.

-Phillip L. Allen to Robert J. Arnold, for $373,200, for Lot 47 in Old Cahaba 11 B.

-Katie Blackmon to Carolyn Hernandez, for $212,000, for Lot 188 in Camden Cove Sector 1.

-Paul Harold Kellogg to Alexander Padfield, for $340,000, for Lot 1916 in Dunrobin at Ballantrae Phase 1.

-Offerpad Point LLC to Samuel De La Mata Ostolaza, for $300,000, for Lot 2-50 in Chelsea Park 2 2nd Sector.

-Eddleman Residential LLC to Annie Andrews, for $749,900, for Lot 552 in Village at Highland Lakes Phase Four Fifth Sector English Village Neighborhood.

-Amy B. Nelson to Clementine Richardson, for $344,900, for Lot 40 in Foothills Point Subdivision Plat.

-Joel L. Jones to Latasha R. Merchant, for $255,000, for Lot 8 in Kinsale Garden Homes 1st Sector Amended Map.

-D R Horton Inc. Birmingham to Vinkle Anand, for $361,900, for Lot 1306 in Chelsea Park 13th Sector.

-Robert R. Bowman to Johnny McKenzie, for $760,000, for Lot 170 in Weatherly Sector 2 Phase 2.

-DAL Properties LLC to Randall Bush, for $549,900, for Lot 2467 in Kinross Highlands at Ballantrae Phase III.

-Johnny L. Colvin to Sean Wolfe, for $359,000, for Lot 4 in Kerry Downs.

-Mary Jane Wright to Jane Wright, for $10,000, for Lot 5 in Narrows Point Final Record Plat.

-Mary Jane Wright to Jane Wright, for $10,000, for Lot 11 in Meadows at Tara.

-Tammy Lynn Stamps to SFR3 100 LLC, for $62,000, for Lot 23 in Oakdale Estates.

-Opendoor Property Trust I to Taryn Napier, for $210,000, for Lot 54 in Wildewood Village Fifth Addition.

-Travis H. Cox to Amy B. Nelson, for $215,000, for Lot 6 in Hills Subdivision.

-Gregg P. Cary to Kenneth Mark Coggin, for $984,000, for property in Section 35, Township 19 South, Range 1 West.

-Blackridge Partners II LLC to R. Phillip Lang, for $565,029, for Lot 1742 in Blackridge South Phase 7.

-TMS Home Solutions LLC to Michael J. Turner, for $286,000, for Lot 12 in Stage Coach Trace Sector 1.

-Patricia A. McGraw to Chad E. Underwood, for $260,000, for Lot 3 in Oak Mountain Estates.

-Bobby Ray Smith to Jason R. Thomas, for $1,500,000, for Lot 6 in Greystone First Sector Phase VII Amended Map.

-Clarence Preedy Gardner to Christopher Holder, for $360,000, for Lot 15 in Chesser Plantation Phase 1 Sector 2.

-Jason L. Leake to William Brasher, for $228,000, for Lot 1 in Home Place a Resurvey of Lot 3 Luquire Survey.

-Lance Posey to Earnest Earl Kidd, for $230,000, for Lot 6 in Willows Phase 1.

-David Young to Baltazar Romero, for $210,000, for Lot 5 in Enclave Phase 1.

-Bryan S. Bramblett to Peggy Holcombe Peeples, for $307,000, for property in Section 21, Township 20 South, Range 3 West.

-Christopher N. Giovannelli to Renee Renew Byrd, for $201,000, for Lot 16 in Cottages.

April 18

-Eric P. Fort to Jamon Denzell Robinson, for $455,000, for Lot 140 in Hillsboro Subdivision Phase III.

-Robert S. Fucich to Robert A. Sevin, for $740,000, for Lot 201 in Kirkman Preserve Phase 4A Final Plat.

-Lee Ann Martin to Mitchell Bailey, for $220,000, for Lot 21 in Rossburg Sector II.

-Embassy Homes LLC to Joseph Aaron Hope, for $486,390, for Lot 36 in Cedar Grove at Sterling Gate Sector 2 Phase 14 The Enclave Final Plat.

-Embassy Homes LLC to Brittany M. Walker, for $556,951, for Lot 10 in Cedar Grove at Sterling Gate Sector 2 Phase 14 The Enclave Final Plat.

-Tamme Lyn Seale to Allison Elizabeth Hall, for $316,000, for Lot 75 in Narrows Point Phase 4 Final Plat.

-Iyan Lee McFall to Patricia Jean West, for $452,500, for Lot 35 in Jameswod Third Sector.

-Lester Ruttka to Van C. Penton, for $395,000, for Lot 650 in Deer Ridge Lakes Sector 6 Phase 2.

-James Carl Wright to Lester Ruttka, for $340,000, for Lot 87 in Chesser Plantation Phase I Sector 2.

-Sean Donald to Mary Clardy, for $385,000, for Lot 27 in Mallard Pointe First Addition.

-Gerardo Silva-Buttgenbach to Jonathan Kresena, for $288,500, for Lot 5 in Little Oak Ridge Estates First Sector.

-B B Property Investing LLC to Jennifer Harrell, for $205,000, for Lot 12 in Cahaba Manor Town Homes Third Addition.

-Cash Flowing LLC to B & H SFR LLC, for $330,190, for Lot 1527 in Eagle Point 15th Sector.

-Frances Weaver to Andrew Hicks, for $267,000, for Lot 19 in Willow Oaks Final Plat.