Indian Springs School celebrates 2023 graduates

Published 12:40 pm Monday, May 15, 2023

By LIZZIE BOWEN | Staff Writer

PELHAM – Indian Springs School welcomed and celebrated its 2023 graduating class in a ceremony on Monday, May 15 on McLean Lawn.

Many excited faces crossed the stage during the special day, and Head of School Scott Schamberger was present to welcome the class into their next stage of life.

“We are very proud of you,” Schamberger said. “Life is hard, but let’s not forget that most things worth doing are hard. I want to leave you with something to return to when all those hard moments seem overwhelming.”

Schamberger gave a book to each graduate as they received their diploma entitled “Congratulations By the Way: Some Thoughts on Kindness.” Inside the book were encouraged words from the teachers of the class of 2023, who helped them every step along the way through their academic journey at Indian Springs.

“Be kind,” Schamberger said. “This is the theme of George Sanders book entitled: “Congratulations By the Way” Some Thoughts of Kindness.” I hope you enjoy your copy and return to regularly. The world needs more kindness. Kindness or the lack thereof is another fallibility of the human condition. Give the benefit of the doubt. Understand that we are more alike than we are different.”

Schamberger shared a quote within the book by the author: “Here is something I know to be true. Although it’s a little corny, and I don’t know what to do with it. What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness. Those moments when there was another human being in front of me suffering, and I responded sensibly, reservedly, mildly or to look at it from the other end of the telescope, who in your life to you remember most fondly? Those who were kindest to you, I bet. Be the reason someone belongs. Be the reason someone smiles. It will be your greatest gift.”

Schamberger also shared with the members of Indian Springs School and those present the importance of honoring one’s character.

“Character matters most in life,” Schamberger said. “Do the right thing when no one is watching. Live life intentionally and with purpose. If part of that purpose and intentionality is doing the right thing, you will never need to worry about who is watching.”

Schamberger left the students with some words of encouragement as they begin to make the journey into the next phase of life.

“The class of 2023 has made a profound impact of me personally and on the life of the school,” Schamberger said. “I know you will leave your mark in this world and continue to make everyone here today so very proud. As you prepare to leave the relative comfort of the Springs campus, know that you are prepared to do so, that you are worthy of the challenges that are ahead, that you are more than good enough and that you are deeply loved.” Schamberger said.

Next, Mayor of Indian Springs and member of senior class of 2023 Lucy Craig left students with some words to remember.

“We have found ways to excel and find a sense of togetherness,” Craig said. “I think the way we rally for each other, continued working hard through COVID, even on Zoom, we cultivated this feeling.”

Craig talked about how the pandemic was such a difficult time for the world as a whole and for Indian Springs School, but powering through it as a class was ultimately what brought everyone together.

“Our class handled change and uncertainty with grace,” Craig said. “To all the faculty and staff, you’ll never know how much your love and support has meant to us. To the parents and guardians of the class of 2023, thank you for sending us to this school. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for letting me have this experience. Thank you, to all my friend’s families for allowing them to go here. I truly am a better person for having known y’all. To the class of 2023, thank you for supporting this school in its mission to cultivate outstanding students and to cultivate well-rounded people. I wish you all luck and success. Thank you for letting me know you, and I have no doubt with your intelligence, passion, whit and your charm, you will continue to be amazing people. I love you all.”

The graduating class of 2023 included:

-Tea Isabelle Adrian of Vestavia Hills, AL

-John Parker Ammon of Birmingham, AL

-Qijia “Sasha” Bai of Shenzhen, China

-Anne Maison Barbaree Tasker of Birmingham, AL

-Nora Barton fo Birmingham, AL

-Amelie Charlottee Moon Biagosch of Dusseldof, Germany

-Joshua Daniel Bramblett of Birmingham, AL

-Courtney Chen of Birmingham, AL

-Meixuan “Molly” Chen of Shanghai, China

-SIda Star Chen of Beijing, China

-Gus Colvin of Homewood, AL

-Lucile Harriet Craig of Birmingham, AL

-Adelia Catherine Crawford Birmingham, AL

-Nolan Dunsmore of Hoover, AL

-Isabella Lourdes Garza of Mountain Brook, AL

-Gibson Goodrich of Birmingham, AL

-Minh Dang Ha of Hanoi, Vietnam

-Brian He of Jinan, China

-Qingyang “Santiago” He of Hoover, AL

-Tripp Henderson of Vestavia Hills, AL

-Carson Huff, Helena AL

-Laurel Virgnina Impello of Birmingham, AL

-Evan Jack of Mountain Brook, AL

-Caleb Henry DeEster Jacobs of Birmingham, AL

-Lillian Dianne Jacobs, Birmingham, AL

-Naren Jetty, Birmingham, AL

-Shane Kau, Birmingham, AL

-Tatum Kelley, Birmingham, AL

-Vickie Kim, Birmingham, AL

-Derun “William” Kong, Beijing, China

-Shahin Kooshiar, Pelham, AL

-Santo Cruz Kurre, Birmingham, AL

-Cynthia Li, Vestavia Hills, AL

-Olivia Li, Beijing, China

-Yanjin “Kimeley” Li, Shanghai, China

-Dillian Elaine Lowrie, Phoenix, Arizona

-Patrick James McCarty, Birmingham, AL

-Richard Hunley Monk IV, Birmingham, AL

-Mayu Alicia Nakano, Hoover, AL

-Yujiro Dylan Nakano, Hoover, AL

-Lily Jane Naylor, Homewood, AL

-Theodassi Oates, Birmingham, AL

-Kailyn Fae Oppenheim of Washington D.C.

-Rebecca Elise Picard of Talladega, AL

-Noral Roller of Birmingham, AL

-Phoebe Hevia Rominger, Birmingham, AL

-Ben Rothman, Birmingham, AL

-Andrew William Rowe, Birmingham, AL

-Emma Cate Rutledge, Birmingham, AL

-Rosa Shanti Gilah Sabel, Montgomery, AL

-Jonathan Anton Pascal Schmidt of Haltern am See, Germany

-Nour Shoreibah, Hoover AL

-Sovan Shrestha, Vestavia Hills, AL

-Anna Morgan Simms, Vestavia Hills, AL

-Anacristin Schulz Soto, Unna, Germany

-Elizabeth Anne Spradlin, Vestavia Hills, AL

-Yiwen “Yvonne” Su, Shanghai, China

-Cason Swaid Vestavia Hills, AL

-Campbell Olivia Swanner, Birmingham, AL

-Ember Lauren Szaflarski, Vestavia Hills, AL

-James Trawhick, Hoover, AL

-Orezimena Nanyazi Ubogu, Hoover, AL

-Mark David Underwood Jr., Birmingham, AL

-Leah Velasco, Birmingham, AL

-Aurelie Janette Walker, Vestavia Hills, AL

-MJ Walker, Atlanta, Georgia

-Carlton David Wallwork, Birmingham, AL

-Charles Scott Wilder, Birmingham, AL

-Chloe Layne Williams, Birmingham, AL

-Madeline Grace Williams, Vestavia Hills, AL

-Enoch Aaron Xiao, Birmingham, AL

-Ethan James Xiao, Birmingham, AL

-Canglin Ye, Taizhou, China

-Hero Zhang, Shanghai, China

-Franl Zhao, Shijazhuang, China