Opinion: Memorial is in the name

Published 9:52 am Monday, June 5, 2023

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We celebrate so many holidays in the U.S. that it’s easy to let their true meaning slip by us.

Often times, it’s very easy to simple think of Memorial Day as simply another federal holiday and day off. However, this was not the case in Montevallo as many residents of Shelby County seized the opportunity to give up their morning.

Shelby County recently showed its support on Memorial Day as roughly 2,000 people came to the Alabama National Cemetery for a ceremony that honored veterans and families who made the ultimate sacrifice.

“I think it is an outstanding tribute to the memory and honor of those who’ve given their life in service to our country,” said Pam Nichols, chairman of the Support Committee for the Alabama National Cemetery. “We could not ask for a more supportive and patriotic community that comes out every year to remember those heroes.”

It was not enough to simply attend the ceremony either as roughly 1,000 family members and volunteers assisted with preparations the previous day to help place more than 10,000 flags on the graves.

Memorial Day is just one of three holidays we celebrate as Americans each year in honor of our veterans. We celebrate Armed Forces Day in honor of those currently serving, Veterans Day in honor of those who have served and lastly Memorial Day.

There is a lesson to be learned from our fellow citizens who came out to give their support. when Veterans Day rolls around later this year in November, perhaps it is time to consider doing more than eating Barbecue or grilling outside. Certainly, these are great traditions and holiday staples, however, at the very least, consider giving some time and thought to honor those who sacrificed so much as well as the families who suffered because of that sacrifice.