Hoover Veterans Park to receive pickleball courts, update to cross-country course

Published 2:59 pm Tuesday, July 11, 2023

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By NOAH WORTHAM | Staff Writer 

HOOVER – Shelby County is partnering with the city of Hoover to bring pickleball courts to Veterans Park.

The city of Hoover is currently in the process of adding eight new pickleball courts to Veterans Park. In addition to the pickleball courts, there are also plans for a small pavilion to be placed next to the courts, and the parking will be extended from the current cul-de-sac.

“Pickleball has picked up tremendously with many more people playing over the past several years, so we want to offer that new amenity at the park,” said Erin Colbaugh, Hoover’s parks and recreation director.

Modifications are also currently being made to the cross-country course.

“We are partnering with the city of Hoover to construct some pickleball courts, and in that construction, it’s going to alter the route of the cross-country course,” County Manager Chad Scroggins said. “We’ve worked with the city of Hoover, and they have organized with Spain Park (High School’s) cross country coach for some modifications.”

The county is currently in the process of removing the low swampy area of the cross-country course.

“They are currently working on a reroute of the cross-country course in the wooded area behind the green houses on the Jeff State (Community College) side—improving the course due to bad drainage areas,” Colbaugh said.

Scroggins expressed his enthusiasm for the county’s partnership with Hoover on this project.

“The city of Hoover is an excellent partner with us, and we are always looking for opportunities with every partner we have,” Scroggins said.