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Letter from the Mayor: As we enter August, we thank our first responders and look ahead to an exciting month

Published 3:33 pm Tuesday, August 1, 2023

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A letter from Helena Mayor Brian Puckett

First responders dedicate their lives to saving lives. When everyone runs from danger, they run to it. This was demonstrated in Helena recently as several teenagers were seriously injured on a train trestle.

These men and women play a critical role in ensuring public safety and they provided immediate and heroic assistance during this emergency that very likely saved their lives.

Their importance cannot be overstated, as they are often the first ones on the scene in any life-threatening situation. The dedication, bravery, selflessness of our first responders makes them indispensable in safeguarding our community.

Their unwavering commitment to serving others and their ability to act swiftly in critical situations make a significant difference in saving lives, protecting property, and maintaining public safety and I am proud of every one of them.

On August 12th, the last Old Town Live Concert of the year will bring 90’s Rock with Bloodkin from Athens, GA opening the night up. Rounding out the season as the headliner is number one hit maker Cracker bringing their songs like Teen Angst, Get Off This, and Low.

This FREE concert is a great way to wrap up summer and share memories with family and friends of the community.

We will also see the season come to an end for Helena Market Days. This staple of Saturday mornings in Helena could not be possible without a dedicated crew of volunteers. I wanted to say thank you for another great year of providing local fruits, vegetables, and hand-crafted items, not to mention some fun events for the kids. The time and energy put forth by these volunteers make it all happen and its because of them we’ve had another successful year.

As much as the students hate to admit it, it’s back to school time in Helena. If back to school here, then Friday Night Lights isn’t far behind either. Helena Husky Football is a tradition that brings out community together like nothing else. It creates a sense of community and shared identity among residents. People from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic status, come together to support our Huskies.

It’s an opportunity for students, parents, and alumni to show their school pride. It cultivates a strong sense of school spirit and loyalty, creating lasting memories and traditions associated with our team. The games become a rallying point for students to come together and cheer for their school.

We also see the economic impact of these events, with visitors visiting our restaurants and shops contributing to the local economy. I hope to see you all at a game this season.

To close this month, I want to congratulate one of City Hall’s own. Amanda Traywick was recently elected to serve on the state level with the Alabama Association of Municipal Clerks and Administrators.

This organization promotes proficiency and professionalism as they maintain continuity in city government. Her dedication and commitment to Helena has positioned Amanda well to now serve alongside other clerks in the state, providing insight an assistance wherever needed. Congratulations Amanda!

Looking forward to sharing a great August with everyone in Helena.

Together As One,