Man arrested with multiple drugs, AR-15 style rifle

Published 3:28 pm Friday, August 11, 2023

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By BARTON PERKINS | Staff Writer  

PELHAM – A 41-year-old Wetumpka man was arrested in Pelham on Saturday, Aug. 5 with multiple drugs and an AR-15 style rifle allegedly in his possession.

Thomas Courson was near the Circle K on Cahaba Valley road when he was detained by Pelham police. 

Courson allegedly had the following controlled substances in his possession: 4.38 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, 21.81 grams of clonazepam and 1.47 grams of methamphetamine. None of these drugs were at the correct individual amounts to constitute “intent to distribute” and as a result Courson was only charged with three counts of “drug possession.”

Purportedly, Courson also had an unspecified amount of marijuana in his unlawful possession and assorted drug paraphernalia including; a marijuana grinder, glass pipe, burnt spoon and syringes in his possession. All of these items are said to have contained unspecified drug residue.

According to police, Courson also had an AR-15 style rifle when he was arrested. AR-15 style rifles are notable for being able to fire around 45 bullets per minute, and are often seen as a symbol of the ongoing national debate on gun control and regulation laws. As an alleged drug addict, based on the drugs purportedly found in his car, it is illegal for Courson to have a firearm in his possession.

Currently, Courson is being held at the Shelby County Jail on a combined bond of $18,000. His bond can be broken down into the following charges and amounts:

-3 counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance totaling $15,000

-Unlawful possession of marijuana for $1,000

-Possession of drug paraphernalia for $1,000

-Drunk/addict in possession of a firearm for $1,000

The investigation of this case is still ongoing, and information will be released as it becomes available.