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Meet your neighbors: Shirley and Rusty Rigg commit to their home in Helena

Published 3:55 pm Tuesday, August 22, 2023

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Shirley and Rusty Rigg

Residents of Helena since March of 1986, Shirley and Rusty Rigg have seen the city grow and change over the years as committed citizens to the city.

While they aren’t living in the original house they moved into, they knew Helena was going to be home, so in 2003, they moved into their home that they still own to this day.

It is a home they take a lot of pride in as they near the 20-year mark. Both inside and outside, they have worked to make an aesthetically appealing home that brings together the old of Helena with the new.

They moved into the house in 2003 and have cemented their legacy in the city since.

The home has an area that serves almost like a sanctuary with fountains, benches, roses, ivy, flowers and much more to surround the serene home, creating a hidden gem.

To the Riggs, that oasis is one of the things that makes Helena so special to them. It helps build upon their love for the city and the place they love to call home.

Part of a military family with both Rusty and Shirley having family that served in multiple different wars in history, including son David, the order of the home and peacefulness of the garden ties offers tranquility.

Now nearing their 40-year mark in Helena, they will continue to make their home special and continue to share their love for the city they eventually settled into.