Leadership Shelby County Class of 2024 introduced at alumni breakfast

Published 8:58 am Thursday, August 24, 2023

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By DONALD MOTTERN | Staff Writer

Alumni members of Leadership Shelby County gathered for the annual Leadership Shelby County Alumni Breakfast on Tuesday, Aug. 22., an event that also saw the introduction of the LSC Class of 2024.

With Lindsey Allison, one of LSC’s original incorporators, as the keynote speaker for the alumni breakfast, attendees were reminded of the great impact the organization has had on Shelby County. Together, attendees enjoyed a gathering focused on the reflection of the organization’s impact over the past three decades as well as the role it will play in the preparation of the County’s future.

“This year we want to mark 30 years, because it’s important,” Allison said. “I think we have to ask, where would Shelby County be without Leadership Shelby County.”

Incorporated on June 20, 1994, Leadership Shelby County has played an integral role in the generation and education of leaders within the community of the county. It has served as an organization where such leaders, both in business and the public, can cooperate, prepare and organize solutions not just for the county’s current issues but to also plan ahead for both the seen and unforeseen problems Shelby County will face in the months and years ahead.

“Where else have you been where you can sit in a room and you can sit with the leaders of your county and they talk straight with you and you get the real deal,” Allison said. “Where they talk to you and they tell you what they are facing.”

In reflection of the approaching 30-year anniversary of LSC’s inception, Allison made mention of the fact that, prior to the organization, Shelby County was on the road to bankruptcy, which it came dangerously close to declaring in 1993.

The root causes of such financial problems stemmed from a lack of advanced planning coupled with rapid growth in the community and the growing pains associated with it, which included necessary upgrades to public utilities and buildings. According to Allison, Shelby County’s success, since its close brush with the bottom 30 years ago, has been accomplished in no small part due to the benefits and dedication of LSC.

“Where would we be, Shelby County, without Leadership Shelby County,” She said. “I don’t think we’d be in the position we’re in today, where we are number one in every category. I don’t think we’d have the opportunities to get in the room and (to) talk about things that otherwise probably would not even be talked about.”

Since 1995, LSC has also led a class that is entirely focused on the connection and empowerment of community members within Shelby County. It now constitutes a nine-month long program that intends to inspire community activity and inform community members as they develop leadership skills that will grow to help not just them, but Shelby County as a whole.

The alumni of this class has grown to include both current and past elected county officials, nonprofit directors and community advocates and it is a list that grows each year.

To close out her comments, Allison also pinpointed that Shelby County is projected to see a trend of record growth. This growth being in economic terms and in the residential and working populations, that will come to call the county their home as 2040 approaches.

It is growth that will require extensive construction and adaptation over the next two decades and at a larger scale than what was seen in 1993. However, Allison believes that with LSC, and with the proper forethought and planning, it is growth that will spell out tremendous success for Shelby County.

“We’re a very fortunate, blessed, organization,” She said. “Our future is bright. But, a lot is required of us, all of us in this room. I challenge you to stay involved in Leadership Shelby County, to stay at the table.  Help us with the solutions to continue to make this county what it needs to be.”

It was also at the breakfast where attendees were introduced to the LSC class of 2024, a class made up of 31 members from a wide range of occupations and local affiliations. To have been eligible for the class, applicants had to either live and/or work within the county and not have been running for public office during the time in the class. Members were selected to participate by the LSC Selection Committee on their own merits and from information submitted at the time of their applications.

Beginning in September, the class will meet at least once a month to discuss the topics of government, education, justice, economics, tourism and health and community services and will receive talks and education from community leaders on how each of these subjects directly relate to and impact Shelby County.

The LSC Class of 2024 is made up of the following members from the community:

  • Amanda Wilbanks – Alabaster City Schools
  • Andrew Metzler – Heart South Cardiovascular Group
  • Atisthan Roach – Vulcan Materials
  • Brooke Grigsby – Shelby County District Attorney’s Office
  • Chuck Ledbetter – Pelham City Schools
  • Cody Long – Shelby County
  • Heidi Ramey – Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Jackie Batson – Calera Main Street
  • Jamie Wagner – city of Pelham
  • Jeannine Lyons – Arc of Shelby County
  • Jennifer Galloway – Shelby County Schools
  • Jennifer Wilson – Oakworth Capital Bank
  • Josh Osborne – Shelby County
  • Kristie Stack – AmFirst
  • La Fran “Fran” Marks – Department of Defense/Evolution Leadership Development
  • Leonard Casey Jr. – Spire
  • Lindsay Brooks – PangeaTwo
  • Lindsey Stephenson – Central Alabama Wellness
  • Melissa Dixon – CDI Janitorial
  • Mike Asdel – Shelby County EMA
  • Patrick Johnson – city of Alabaster
  • Sam Prentice – Southern Company
  • Seth Williams – Pelham Eye Center
  • Shelby O’Connor – Shelby County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sonya King – 2 by 2 Animal Rescue
  • Stephanie Grissom – Vineyard Family Services
  • Susan Lehman – Team Lehman-Keller Williams Metro South
  • Sylvester Mixon Jr. – Unity Christian Center
  • Tampia Anderson – ARC Realty
  • Traci Fox – T. Fox Salon
  • Wesley Hallman – University of Montevallo