Residents enjoy fitness at Alabaster gym

Published 7:17 pm Wednesday, August 30, 2023

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By NOAH WORTHAM | Staff Writer

ALABASTER – Local residents continue to take the opportunity to get into shape at Kel-Bel’s Fitness and Coaching in Alabaster.

After initially opening on Sunday, March 12, Owner Kelly Corbitt continues to offer a space for women to exercise and receive personal coaching.

“Things are going really well,” Corbitt said. “Everyone that has come has hung around and stayed. For some people, it’s been their first time that they’ve been consistent in working out in a long time.”

As a women’s only fitness gym, Kel-Bel’s aims to provide local women with a less intimidating and safe place to get into shape.

“A lot of women feel intimidated going into a gym with a bunch of men and are not able to do some of the exercises they would typically do on their own,” Corbitt said. “(Here,) they just feel so comfortable. I don’t have even one person that seems to be anxious while they are there. Everyone seems to be very at ease like they’re with a group of friends.”

Kel-Bel’s Fitness and Coach offers residents the ability to come into the gym on an individual basis or to join group exercises with others.

“I have basic membership where people come on their own,” Corbitt said. “About 10 percent of the members are personal training and the rest of them are doing the small group sessions.

Small group sessions include groups of 2-5 people at a time that are led by Corbitt in exercise, however, the gym also offers personal one-on-one coaching as well.

“I love to help others discover that a new or improved lifestyle can help every aspect of life, beyond measure,” she said. “Coaching is setting a couple goals, becoming more disciplined and focused, having accountability, working out the deeper kinks in life that hold you back and working on your whole health. Let’s go ahead and take our health into our own hands best we can.”

Corbitt started the gym after getting invested into fitness because of a bout with cancer.

“I was really into fitness, and I started getting into nutrition, and 5 years ago, I got certified as a health coach,” Corbitt said. “Then I got breast cancer. That really pushed me to learn more about food and exercise and the benefits it had in the body in regards to healing and prevention.”

Corbitt how much getting into shape was having a positive effect on her life.

“I love health and fitness,” she said. “I didn’t really know until I started being more active, taking up jogging and working out more. I saw how much it was changing my life by making me feel so good. I looked forward every day to the next day, and what it was I was going to do.”

Kel-Bel’s Fitness and Coaching is located at 112 Market Center Drive in Alabaster and more information on the business can be found online at