New lawn care app comes to Alabaster

Published 10:54 am Monday, September 18, 2023

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By BARTON PERKINS | Staff Writer

ALABASTER – On Thursday, Sept. 7, GreenPal Lawn Care officially started business in Alabaster.

Often referred to as “the Uber of getting your lawn mowed,” GreenPal is an app that connects homeowners with qualified landscaping specialists in their area.

“Homeowners looking for lawn care go on the app,” Co-Founder Gene Caballero said. “They’ll enter in the address and the property that they want serviced, and that alerts all those pre-screened vendors in the area that there’s a new lawn up for bid. Those vendors then bid on the property. The homeowner then sees the bids and decides who they want to work with.”

GreenPal is the brainchild of Caballero and his fellow co-founders, who created the company after witnessing the rise of Uber and Lyft.

“I’ve kind of been in the landscaping industry my whole life,” Caballero said. “I did it in high school and college just to kind of make extra money. I did it in the summers and nights and weekends. When I first got my first sales job, my territory was the west coast, and so I was a little privy to newer technologies like Uber and Lyft.”

It occurred to Caballero that if people were willing to pay to have someone come over and deliver food for them or rent out rooms over an app, they would likely also be interested in having their lawn serviced with a similar model. So, Caballero returned to Nashville and began work on developing such a business with his co-founders Bryan Clayton and Zach Hendrix. 

“It took us about three years to build an app, but it was worth the wait,” Caballero said.

GreenPal is in over 48 states today, and over 45k landscaping professionals use it to run their businesses.

“It’s free for homeowners to sign up,” Caballero said. “It’s also free for vendors to sign up. They can sign up and go through the vetting process, and it’s also free for them to bid. Now, obviously, you know, we have to make money to keep the lights on, so what GreenPal does is we just take 5% of the transaction.”

GreenPal is currently only servicing the Alabaster/Pelham area of Shelby County, but according to Cabellero, there is hope that they’ll continue to expand further in the future.

“We’ve launched a few markets in Alabama, and what typically happens when we launch those kinds of large markets and word of mouth kind of spreads to the sub-markets,” Caballero said. 

Alabaster area residents can sign up for GreenPal at