Alabaster students learn about liberty, civics

Published 5:07 pm Monday, September 25, 2023

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By NOAH WORTHAM | Staff Writer

ALABASTER – Alabaster students are learning about the importance of civics after the kickoff of the Hands on Learning and Super Citizens programs.

Over the course of two days, 975 second and fifth graders from Alabaster City Schools learned about civics from the character Libby Liberty as part of the kickoff of the program which will last 10 weeks.

“This organization, their mission truly is about educating our youth to be good citizens,” Rep. Russell Bedsole said. “And so, what this program is doing, through the support of a lot our local business, the school system as well as some of us in elected office, is partnering with them to go into our schools and teach our young people the values of being a good citizen (and) what that means.”

The program focuses on engaging students with lessons on the topics of civic responsibility, financial literacy, character development and career exploration.

“I couldn’t be more impressed with the program and the amount of energy that they bring into the schools and the excitement that the kids have and the effect it’s having on our youth as they have this program brought to them to teach them just to be good citizens,” Bedsole said.

The program was made possible thanks to sponsors and the help of Bedsole and Rep. Kenneth pascal who share Alabaster as one of their districts.

“They are a nonprofit, this is not anything they’re doing to make money,” Bedsole said. “They’re following their passion to bring this program to the youth. Myself and Rep. Pascal were very happy to partner to help bring this program to the Alabaster City School system.”

On Sept. 20, 250 second graders from Creek View Elementary School wore green paper crowns and waved small American flags as they cheered for the entrance of Libby Liberty— a character based on the Statue of Liberty who leads students in educational performances of songs. Libby Liberty also visited and sang with 275 second graders from Meadow View Elementary School.

During the program, students learned facts about the Stature of Liberty, including the real measurements of the monument and what the design symbolizes.

Rep. Bedsole also attended CVES’ program and encouraged the students.

“I told them to look around the room and at their teachers that were sitting there, and I said, ‘If you really appreciate the work that they’re doing, I want to hear your loudest cheer,’” Bedsole said. “And all the kids began clapping and cheering. So, the point of that exercise from me was to teach them to simply give thanks to the people that are pouring so much into their lives. And that’s such a simple thing that could be a lesson for all of us.”

Libby Liberty also visited and sang with 450 fifth graders from Thompson Intermediate School on Sept. 21 and brought lessons on responsible citizenship.

“They enjoyed themselves,” Principal Jamelia Hayes said. “They do every year. They’re always excited to see Libby, who represents the Statue of Liberty and the migration of people from other countries to the U.S. and the freedom that she symbolizes.”

Libby Liberty visit to TIS started the introduction of the Super Citizens program which lasts for 10 weeks and culminates in a graduation celebration that sees students honoring local, everyday heroes.

“It’s a 10-week program that our teachers incorporate into their classes,” Hayes aid. “And the students get an opportunity to indulge in those lessons, that they hope are real world lessons, for them to utilize outside the confines of school and apply to real life.”

Those interested in learning more about the program may visit