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Q&A: Riley Hollabaugh & Miah Rosener discuss their involvement in Teen Council, Husky Gameday and more

Published 11:54 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2023

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Riley Hollabaugh and Miah Rosener, Helena High School students, Teen Council members and members of Husky Gameday discuss their involvement.

Tell us about the Husky Gameday program, what is it that you do at the games, and how is it run?

R: Husky Gameday is a club that my friends and I organized. Our sponsor is Melissa Copeland, a teacher at Helena High School. We were inspired by ESPN College Gameday, where they do predications on who will win and do interviews. Mostly what we do is just interview players and coaches. Sometimes it is serious questions but most of the time we are just having fun with it.

M: It is just a fun way to get everyone excited about the games. We do interviews with players and coaches and also funny little segments as well. It’s organized by Cammi Pugh, Maddie Ingber, Presley Lively, Riley, and myself.

Does the program reflect anything you’d like to do as a career in the future?

R: Personally, this isn’t really starting a career path for me, but I definitely enjoy recording and editing videos. Right now, I’m really interested in real estate and becoming a real estate agent/developer.

M: I don’t personally see myself taking a career in broadcast journalism, I’m just having fun with my friends! What I’m most interested in pursuing is a career in interior design.

What is it that you like most about this program, and what led you to join it?

R: I think what I like the most is that my friends and I just get to have a good time making funny videos and making people laugh.

M: I think my favorite part of the program is just having a good time and hearing people tell us about how they liked or saw videos that we have posted.

Are the presentations recorded or broadcast? If so, where can they be found?

M: Yes, the videos are prerecorded and can be found on our Instagram and Tiktok.

R: We post our videos on our Instagram @huskygameday or our Tiktok @husky_gameday.

How are you liking the school year and your roles with the Helena Teen Council so far?

R: I’m liking school a lot so far this year. I also was just elected to be President of Helena Teen Council, so I am very excited for this year all that comes with it! I think we have a great teen council this year.

M: So far, the school year has gone really well. I’m just soaking it all up before it is gone. As far as Teen Council goes, I had so much fun last year and am so excited to see how we will place an impact in our city this year!

What led you to be involved with the Helena Teen Council?

R: As my grandmother is the sponsor of the Teen Council, I have always seen what they get to do. So, I was really excited to join last year!

M: I decided to join Teen Council as a way to get involved in the city and its events and also as a way to just learn about what is going on in our city.

What else do you enjoy doing in your spare time outside of the program, school, and Teen Council?

R: In my free time, when I’m not at school or work, I like to be with my friends and family.

M: Outside of school, teen council, and work, I play soccer for the school and AFC and enjoy spending time with my friends and family!