Helena Police Department launches chaplain program

Published 3:31 pm Monday, October 16, 2023

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By DONALD MOTTERN | Staff Writer

HELENA – The Helena Police Department recently launched its new Police Chaplain program on Friday, Oct. 6.

The program, which features a mission statement that calls for the prayerful ministering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of employees and families of the Helena Police Department, as well as the construction of connections with the community at large, has been something the HPD has wanted to organize for some time.

The program, which will allow for chaplains to support police officers and even aid in the response to certain calls is intended to help police both appropriately respond to situations and allow them a route for assistance and counseling.

“Having the ability to call on these leaders and these congregations when there are specific times of need—of crisis—that we know that they can help with, I think will benefit our community in a major way,” Said Sgt. William Ratcliffe, who has helped organize the program.

Ratcliffe and the Helena Police Department as a whole are also proud of the fact that the program is non-denominational and non-faith specific, a factor which will allow for its broad aid and compatibility with the residents of Helena.

“Helena is a diverse community, and they are not all Christians and not all of them are religious in any way,” Ratcliffe said. “So, we need to be able to respond to whatever the need may be.”

So far, there have been 12 members of local churches and organizations that have elected to partake in the opportunity presented by the program. It is hoped, and encouraged, that more will soon sign up and become involved in this community service.

“We thank these leaders for volunteering to go above and beyond their normal responsibilities, and be there when our community needs them,” read an official statement from the HPD. “We are sincerely grateful for their commitment to serve our department and our community.”