Families have fun at Westwood Baptist Church’s 10th annual Fall Fest

Published 5:19 pm Wednesday, October 25, 2023

By NOAH WORTHAM | Staff Writer

ALABASTER – Local residents enjoyed a variety of fun activities during Westwood Baptist Church’s annual Fall Fest.

Westwood Baptist Church held its 10th annual Fall Fest on Friday, Oct. 20 with a variety of activities for local families to enjoy, including inflatables, food trucks, live music and more. This year’s edition of the event saw nearly 800 people in attendance.

“It was great fellowship,” said Rick Swing, executive pastor for Westwood Baptist Church. “For us it’s an outreach event, it’s for the community.”

Children were able to go from vehicle to vehicle collecting candy as well as enjoy a unique spin on the trunk or treat tradition.

“Every car has a game that the kids play or an activity that they do at the actual car,” Swing said. “We also had things like pumpkin painting take place, and we had a large food area for families to eat at the food trucks that were there.”

Children were also able to enjoy playing at inflatables at the event while adults could enjoy live music.

“We have a group of folks who play on our praise and worship team and they put together an hour-and-a-half set and it was fantastic” Swing said.

Swing said the event wasn’t designed to be evangelistic but that it was designed to let people in the community know the church cares about them and for them to have a great time.

“(It’s) one of the ways that Westwood wants to reach out to the community and let them know we care about them,” Swing said.

Swing said Westwood Baptist Church’s mission statement is “Westwood exists to invest in people who will impact their world for Jesus.”

“Everything we do is about investing and about impact,” he said. “Investment always leads to impact. So, a fall fest for example, we’re going to invest money into putting together a community event that we hope, we pray will then go and impact these lives for Christ.”