Mayors of Shelby County speak out in support of Israel

Published 11:43 am Wednesday, November 22, 2023

By BARTON PERKINS | Staff Writer

Mayors from all across Shelby County recently signed a statement, which vocalizes their support for the nation of Israel in the wake of the war crimes committed by Hamas.

“We recognize the brutality of war and the death and destruction it wreaks; however, the battle for justice against injustice and good versus evil must prevail to protect the innocent and ensure liberty,” the statement reads. “We pray for a speedy end to hostilities and a lasting peace.”

The statement goes on to condemn Hamas attacks on civilian populations on Oct. 7, Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself against terrorist forces and demands the immediate release of all hostages currently held by Hamas. 

The document itself cements the mayors of Shelby County as being firmly on the side of Israel, and focuses heavily on the crimes Hamas has committed against the Israeli people.

“In the wake of Hamas’ heinous October 7, 2023, attack on the sovereign nation of Israel, the brutal murder, rape and kidnapping of innocent men, women and children, continuing attacks on the civilian population of Israel, the disturbing rise in anti-Semitism, and subsequent pro-Hamas/anti-Israel demonstrations; we, the undersigned mayors of Shelby County, Alabama, are compelled to affirm the following,” read a statement, before going through a list of items they support.

  • Condemnation of Hamas’ Oct. 7 and continuing attacks on Israel.
  • Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself against Hamas and other terrorist actors who seek its demise.
  • Support for Israel’s mission to eliminate Hamas and the threat of future attacks it poses.
  • Immediate and unconditional release of all hostages.

The letter was signed by the following local politicians:

  • Tony Picklesimer, mayor of Chelsea
  • Scott Brakefield, mayor of Alabaster
  • Theoangelo Perkins, mayor of Harpersville
  • Frank Brocato, mayor of Hoover
  • Rusty Nix, mayor of Montevallo
  • James Latimer, mayor of Vincent
  • Ricky Ray Morris, mayor of Wilsonville
  • David Mitchell, mayor of Columbiana
  • Jon Graham, mayor of Calera
  • Brian Puckett, mayor of Helena
  • Brenda Bell-Guercio, mayor of Indian Springs
  • Gary Waters, mayor of Pelham
  • Larry Riggins, mayor of Westover
  • Deborah Wilson, mayor of Wilton