The Christmas season is busy here in Shelby County

Published 2:00 pm Monday, November 27, 2023


Get ready, Cause Christmas is coming.

Looking outside at the streets of Columbiana, the Christmas season has already begun. Storefronts are placing wreaths, trees and lights in their window displays. Red ribbons and green garlands have been woven around the light posts.

Halloween and Thanksgiving have been gently put away and Christmas is already being prepared for, even though it isn’t even December yet. It truly goes to show how much the Christmas spirit is valued and honored in the community.

Christmas parades, parties and a smattering of all sorts of holiday themed events will be cropping up all over the county as Dec. 25 draws closer and closer. It’s bound to be a fun time for many people, and we at the reporter will do our utmost to offer previews and coverage of these many events.

The Siluria water tower will be lit, Calera will have it’s christmas parade, Columbiana will have it’s Christmas in the Park and these are only a few of the many different opportunities for Christmas cheer that Shelby County residents will have a chance to enjoy as the holiday season comes upon us.

There will also be many opportunities for Shelby County residents to give back this holiday season, including food drives and volunteer opportunities with groups like the Shelby County Humane Society. Giving back to others and coming together as a community are both major portions of the Christmas season, and they are often overlooked.

This holiday season, along with enjoying the upcoming Christmas parades, gingerbread house contests and pop-up Christmas stores, residents should remember that there are many opportunities to give back and to help make other people’s holiday seasons special. 

Charities like Meals on Wheels and CASA are constantly in need of more volunteers and donations. Even if donating one’s time is not an option, there’s always the chance to hold a small fundraiser with their church or neighborhood to gather donations for a charity in need. Every single cent counts towards something bigger.

Helping and loving our community and the people in it, that’s the point of the Christmas season.