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City Hall Faces: Nathan Horton serves as a wastewater treatment operator

Published 4:10 pm Thursday, December 21, 2023

Nathan Horton has served the city of Helena as a wastewater treatment operator for nearly two years.

In that role, Horton’s many responsibilities include overseeing the daily operations and maintenance at the Helena water treatment facility and carrying out maintenance requirements within the city’s collections system. That system, which many residents do not often think about, includes a great number of parts that must be meticulously observed and maintained at all times.

“This can include things like fixing a sewer line or responding to lift station alarms as well as making sure our treatment facility is operating properly so we can provide the best water quality possible,” Horton said.

In fulfilling this necessary role, Horton finds that his favorite part of the job is his ability to find and fix the things that were broken or problematic, as well as always being on the lookout for new ways to complete tasks that may serve to improve the city’s processes.

In Horton’s view, his position is a constantly evolving position that calls for new and important adaptations each and every day. This is especially true given that waste water treatment plays a vital role in our environment as well as our riverways.

Therefore, he believes it to be very important that one remain open to new ideas and trying new things in an effort to best protect the citizens of Helena as well as the ecosystem.

Although he has only worked as a wastewater treatment operator for two years, Horton has lived in Helena for the past four.

“I’ve fell in love with this little town, it’s one of the few places left that still have that small town feel,” Horton said. “Me and my wife enjoy going to the duck festival every year as well as all the other festivals and concerts we have here in Helena. I also enjoy spending time at our beautiful parks. Helena is a great place to work and an even better place to call home.”