JDL 3D Printing and More opens in Columbiana

Published 10:52 am Friday, January 12, 2024

By NOAH WORTHAM | Staff Writer 

COLUMBIANA – Those with an interest in 3D printing or are needing their computer repaired have a new place to visit now that JDL 3D Printing and More has set up shop in the city of Columbiana.

JDL 3D Printing and More is located on 104 South Main Street in Columbiana in the Shops of Columbiana Building after officially opening on Thursday, Jan. 4.

“We do 3D printing, we’re also going to doing computer repairs, selling 3D printer parts, selling 3D toys, selling printer supplies and basically trying to help get the technological knowledge up in the air,” said John Marsden, who runs the business which is owned by his wife Debbie.

According to John, 3D printing allows for the production of three-dimensional objects from images and files on a computer.

“It’s melted plastic or (a) melted substance that forms into an item that you desire,” he said.

JDL 3D Printing and More features a variety of objects already created for customers to buy as well as an option for customers to bring in their own designs. John said the business also offers mass production as an option for its customers.

“We are taking any customers at this point,” John said. “We try not to say no—that’s our motto.”

John has almost 30 years of experience in computer education—dealing with security cameras, computer networking and computer repairs. After first getting into 3D printing six years ago, he felt that it was a medium that was underutilized in the area.

“When we got here, I found that there (were) no 3D stores within 100-150 miles,” he said. “So that’s what spawned me to try and see if I can do something with a year.”

When he first started working with the medium, he created business cards before progressing to now where he offers a variety of objects and toys. John has not only progressed his craft and helped open a store but also has amassed a small following on TikTok at Tiktok.com/@johnmarsden1992.

Those who are interested in John’s 3D printed objects or need computer repair may visit the business which is open seven days a week in Columbiana.