Students celebrate 100th day of school in Pelham

Published 3:08 pm Monday, January 29, 2024

By DONALD MOTTERN | Staff Writer

PELHAM – Elementary school students at Pelham City Schools recently celebrated an important annual milestone as both the students and teachers marked their 100th day of school on Friday, Jan. 26.

At both Pelham Oaks and Pelham Ridge Elementary schools, students and their teachers took the day to recognize their joint accomplishment by participating in a number of games and events and even dressed up for the occasion.

“The 100th day was an exciting milestone in our school journey,” said Lisa Baxter, principal of Pelham Ridge Elementary School. “(The) students made cool hats with 100 things on them, such as Legos, stickers, hearts and buttons. Their shirts were decorated with zippers, gold coins, googly eyes, thumbprints, sequins and patches (with all of it) adding up to 100 on each shirt.”

While being a day of fun, it also served as an acknowledgement and opportunity to celebrate the achievements gained up to this point in the school year and to encourage reflection and further foster the sense of community within the educational space for both the teachers and their students.

Many of the students were also able to try their hand at dressing up as if they were 100-year-olds complete with wigs and old-age makeup, a tried-and-true tradition that some of the teachers also partook in.

At Pelham Ridge, the overall theme of the occasion was “100 Days Brighter,” and saw the day  incorporate a wide variety of decorations and activities all intent on capturing a bright and colorful atmosphere.

“Everything was so bright and colorful, like a neon party.” Baxter said. “The day was filled with laughter and creativity making it a happy memory for everyone.”

For the teachers, it was also another successful year of witnessing the expressed creativity of all of their students as they participated in a memorable learning experience that involved every single student in a unified expression of individuality.

“Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces brought a sense of fulfillment and happiness to educators,” Baxter said. “These moments of creativity and shared joy contributed to building a positive and vibrant learning community and reinforced the idea that education could be both fun and meaningful.”