A Walk Down Fashion’s Funniest and Most Shocking Moments

Published 5:07 am Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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Today’s fashion scene is a mindblowing and awe-inspiring realm. And if you have been around trailblazing fashion events and models, you should have an idea. Nevertheless, we promised a tale and tale you will get.

As such, we have painstakingly gathered a series of events and outfits that caused a stir in the global fashion industry. Read on.

Rick Owens’ Runway Human Backpack

Very few of fashion’s most shocking moments compare to Rick Owen’s hilarious idea at Paris Fashion Week, 2015. The American designer had models in bright outfits made from draped organza and silk gazar, which was deemed okay. However, the shocker came in the manner in which the model hit the runway.

Each model was strapped with another model over the shoulders, similar to a backpack. So, while one model was on their feet, walking, the other would hang upside down. The spectacle brought mixed reactions from many, both in and out of the fashion world. Nevertheless, Owens said the collection was inspired by motherhood/sisterhood, women supporting women. Amidst these epic fashion highlights, it’s worth noting that excitement can be found in various forms, just as people choose online casinos to play, each seeking their own unique thrill.

The Bench Blunder, Balenciaga, 2012

You probably don’t expect your seats to cave in at a high-end fashion show, do you? Well, that is precisely why the “bench blunder”, as it is now called, was so shocking. It happened during Balenciaga’s 2012 Spring show, with a regular audience and industry experts in attendance.

Just as the show’s guests were observing and applauding the various models, some of the long benches they sat on began to crack. Turns out they were faulty and couldn’t support much weight. Consequently, the audience had to stand throughout the remainder of the event. Thankfully, no injuries or casualties were reported, and everyone was left in one piece.

Billy Porter at the 2019 Met Gala

Billy Porter, an American actor and singer, has always had a flare for causing stirs with his outfits and cross-dressing tendencies. However, none of his fashion antics compared to his stunt at the 2019 Met Gala in New York City. Porter had made a spectacle of both his entrance and his outfit.

This he achieved by rocking a golden catsuit with extended glittering wings and matching boots. And to top it off, Porter was carried into the arena by six strong-looking but shirtless men, not that it makes any difference.

In addition, if you’re seeking to humour yourself, we made the table below to gather more shocking yet funny Met Gala outfits over the years.

Model Outfit/Description Edition
Katy Perry Moschino’s chandelier-themed regalia, followed by an all cheeseburger outfit Met Gala, 2019
Jared Leto Scarlet Royal-themed Gucci gown, with an ultra-realistic own noggin Met Gala, 2019
Evan Mock Thom Brown’s dress jacket, with safety pins, a spiky face helmet, alongside a pair of mismatched socks Met Gala, 2021
Janelle Monae Custom Christian Siriano, with a deconstructed face-like gown and four stacked hats to go Met Gala, 2019

Mc Queen’s Joan of Arc, The Finale

Alexander Mc Queen was one designer who knew how to highlight his fashion moments to the bewilderment of onlookers. One such instance was the finale of his 1998 fall collection. which is still considered today as one of the most symbolic and artistic fashion spectacles.

The finale features a model in a Crimson dress and face cover, standing at the centre of the catwalk with a ring of fire around her in a scary yet artistic way. This scene was particularly inspired by the character, Joan, in the Messenger of “Story of Joan Arc” movie.

Kate Moss, Lighting a Stick

A renowned British model, Kate Moss was never very modest. She built a career out of defiant behaviour. However, there have been a few moments where she allegedly “took things too far” during her active career. Perhaps the most notable one was her shocking move at Louis Vuitton’s Paris Fashion Week Show.

Moss made her way down the runway as usual, with elegance, only to pull out a cigarette, light it up, and casually start smoking in front of the show’s guests and the media. While some were indifferent to her actions, many were not more impressed because the day was a dedicated “no smoking” day in the country, which aroused political views.

Gucci’s Design Blunder

Gucci is probably one of the last high-end fashion companies you’d expect to make one of the most politically incorrect design blunders ever. However, the Italian fashion giants didn’t see it coming after launching its black knit turtleneck sweater in its Winter/Fall collection of 2018.

The piece of clothing had a black roll neck that went up to the lips, encircling the entire mouth. This design gave off ancient gagging techniques used during slavery. To make things worse, Gucci released the piece during Black History Month.

Subsequently, and as damage control, the company had to release an official statement in the form of an apology to tend to the aggrieved parties. Also, the already distributed jumpers were removed from their stores.

Moscow’s Fashion Week, 2018

Russia is one of the last countries you’d expect to host the most attended fashion show ever. And they did just that. Most fashion shows make the news for the many trailblazing outfits and models present. However, Moscow’s show during the 2018 Fashion Week went beyond the norm.

The event had exactly 1.012 people in attendance at one point, which is currently a world record. Despite contention and controversy, Moscow’s show is still certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most-attended fashion show ever.

Aside from attendance, the Mercedes Benz show brought out many medieval styles, which you’d see only sometimes. Also, the groundbreaking fashion galore featured material from top fashion companies like:

  • Kappa
  • Balenciaga
  • The North Face
  • Rat Simmons

Hitting the Floor, Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is one of the not-so-many models to begin a career at an early age, become a supermodel, and remain active to date. And throughout her career, there have been a few bloopers here and there. Yet, the shocking one came on the runway at Vivienne Westwood’s Autumn/Winter 1993 show.

Campbell, who was then known to be flawless in executing the catwalk, would stagger and fall most spectacularly. It is still one of her most shocking fashion moments. More so because neither the show’s guests nor the fashion world expected anything but perfection from the young model, Campbell would again apply her charms by playing off the fall with a smile.


In the world of fashion, audacity and surprise are its lifeblood. Our journey through fashion’s most shocking moments reveals an industry that thrives on pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. These moments reflect and shape our culture, showing fashion’s power as a medium for self-expression and change.

As we conclude, we’re reminded that fashion’s audacious side is a perpetual catalyst for transformation. These defining moments will inspire and redefine the future of style. In fashion, the extraordinary often emerges from the shocking, and as we leave, we eagerly anticipate the next breathtaking moment in the world of style.