Opinion: Better than ever to be a student

Published 10:13 am Friday, March 22, 2024

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For those in Alabaster, being a Warrior now is better than ever and the quality of education will only improve each year.

Since its formation in 2013, Alabaster City Schools has continued to strive to improve its educational offerings and increase the number of facilities to support the Warriors. Now, ACS has set out to build the new ACS Champions Craft Academy in the former Restore building off Highway 119 which will serve as the school’s new workforce development facility—decreasing commute time for students and bringing those new education options closer to home.

The job of our schools is to prepare students for the future and increasing the variety of options students have for job pathways will increase their level of preparedness.

We live in a diverse world with a staggering amount of career options. It can be very easy to get tunnel vision and to direct students down what we view as the traditional pathways of success. Broadening their horizons from an earlier age and granting them the ability to start exploring their interests earlier can help better prepare them for college, a trade school or to jump right into the work force.

Shelby County as a whole already boasts some of the highest educational offerings in the state—complete with multiple public school systems, private schools and a university. Our young people will be the future of this county and if we wish to see it to continue to succeed and grow then continued investment in education on all fronts is the way to go.

Let us not only tell students that they can exceed, but continue to give them a variety of pathways so that they can shine even brighter in their own way and by doing so creating a more diverse workforce and talent pool so that Shelby County go grow right alongside them.