Calera recognizes three public servants

Published 10:26 am Friday, May 24, 2024

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CALERA – The city of Calera recognized multiple public servants at a regularly scheduled council meeting on Monday, May 20 through celebrating the retirement of Justin Glass, introducing Dispatcher Libby Ziegler and swearing in CPD Officer Cameron Davis.

According to Police Chief David Hyche, both Ziegler and Davis have already started working for the city, but have been unable to be formally recognized at a city council meeting due to scheduling conflicts.

“(Ziegler) is one of our dispatchers and she has experience as a jailer which is very valuable to us,” Hyche said. “Our dispatchers help out with some of our jailing duties as well.”

Davis recently transferred from a nearby police department. Hyche shared that he had heard Davis’ name several times and that he was spoken of very highly.

“I had been hearing about (Davis) for a while,” Hyche said. “He was in a neighboring agency and I kept hearing his name over and over again as someone who was always doing a lot of extra things to help us out. We appreciate having the opportunity for (Davis) to work here.”

After introducing the two to those assembled, Hyche administered Davis’ swearing in ceremony as Davis swore to uphold both the constitution and his community.

Hyche also took the time to explain the importance of dispatchers like Ziegler.

“When our officers are out in the field, (dispatchers) are their eyes and ears,” Hyche said.

“This is their life line for help. We take that very seriously and hire good, high-quality people to be our dispatchers. I’m very proud to have both of these people on board.”

At the same meeting, the Calera City Council also recognized firemen Justin Glass, as Fire Chief Sean Kendrick commended his years of public service and wished him well in his retirement.

“This is a bittersweet moment for us,” Kendrick said. “(Glass) has served the city since 1999. I believe his was in the first group of full-time firefighters that was hired by the city. Twenty five years in this business is tough on the mind and tough on the body, so we’re glad you made it. We’re going to miss you. You’re family. You always will be.”

Kendrick presented Glass with a proclamation from Gov. Kay Ivey, recognizing his outstanding service.

After accepting the award, Glass was asked if he wanted to make any comments. He took the opportunity to show his support for the younger firefighters in the department.

“I’m excited about the upcoming, new leadership in terms of the guys that are going to be moving through the ranks within the fire department as well as the new hires, bringing new ideas and new enthusiasm to the department,” Glass said. “It’s my hope that the fire administration, as well as the city, embraces and fosters that.”

In addition, Glass thanked the city for allowing him to serve as a firefighter for all this time.

“I’m thankful to the city of Calera for giving me this opportunity 25 years ago to fulfill one of the chapters in my life in being a firefighter,” Glass said. “It’s definitely been tough at times, but I’m glad to have made it to this point. I hope I’ll be remembered for the good times and not so much the bad and the ugly. I’m grateful and I appreciate this. God bless.”