Could Alabama Ever See Gambling Legalization?

Published 10:35 am Thursday, July 4, 2024

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The US has a notorious history of legalizing gambling, with most states not budging on gambling legalization legislation. But the race is on, with some states now allowing gambling, including West Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. 

Now, the question is, which states are up next? Could Alabama ever see gambling legalization? All eyes have been on Alabama lawmakers recently, with the state set to possibly be one of the next US states to legalize gambling. 

Lawmakers in Alabama have been pushing hard to see the state legalize various forms of gambling, including electronic games of chance and state education lottery. In February 2024, House Bill 151 and 152 received astronomical approval at the Alabama House, with a 72-29 vote for the go-ahead. These bills eventually were amended and did not pass final approval, but if they did they would have seen the state education lottery, electronic games of changes, raffles, and paper bingo all become legal. 

The people of Alabama have long been pushing for the legalization of gambling. It’s been a long 25 years, without the right to gamble, leaving many to look elsewhere to get in on the fun, including offshore and out-of-state online casinos. Players often look for reputable, licensed sites with high payouts to ensure the best experience. CryptoNews author Sergio Zammit shares that the best paying online casinos typically reward players with more consistent wins. Everyone wants a shot at hitting the jackpot, including those in Alabama. There are no surprises here with the online gambling market in the US set to hit $23.03 billion in 2024, Alabama could be missing a massive opportunity. 

Unfortunately, in May, the bills were amended and did not receive approval in the Senate when the session was concluded. It was a very tight race, missing by just one vote. That being said, the legalization of gambling in Alabama could see its place in the sun in 2025.

There is no doubt that the desire for gambling options in Alabama is increasing, with options like crypto gambling at the top of the list of interests. While it may be some time yet for more modern gambling options like this to get the green light, knowing that plans are in motion for online gambling is a great start. 

What frustrated those in favor of the bills was the missed opportunity to help others. Funds raised through gambling revenue could have helped those who need it most for healthcare and education. The two bills’ fiscal notes stated that a state lottery alone could garner between $305-$379 million in annual net revenue. 

This is an understandable frustration when one sees what other states are getting in return for legalizing lotteries. Looking at Delaware, the Delaware video lottery alone brought the state $12,719,589 in July 2023. Lawmakers in Alabama can’t understand why there is such a pushback against legalizing certain forms of gambling when there is such a clear profit to be made to aid in other sectors. 

So, while the fight is still ongoing, 2025 is set to be an exciting year for legalizing gambling in the US, particularly for states like Alabama that are so close to getting the green light after a mammoth effort. The extra time between the 2024 denial and the 2025 Senate could see even more being approved, with Alabama lawmakers hard at work to see a positive result.