Test Your Census Savvy Contest

As the 2020 Census approaches, some people may still be unclear about the purpose of the Census or have misconceptions about the process. The Shelby County Reporter has partnered with the county’s 2020 Census Complete Count Committee to sponsor the Test Your Census Savvy Contest. The contest is a fun way for readers to test their knowledge about the Census and maybe learn something new along the way. This contest is only open to those who live or work in Shelby County.

One short, three-question test will be posted each week in October and a winner will be named each week. In the case of a tie, there will be a drawing to determine one winner. The winner will receive a gift bag and a shout out in the Shelby County Reporter and on the Reporter’s Facebook page. At the end of the contest, everyone who participated will be entered into a drawing to win an annual subscription of the Shelby County Reporter and Shelby Living magazine.

The answers to the Week 4 quiz are: 1. 90%; 2. False; 3. $1,567

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