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Profile: Growing into the family business

Published 3:18pm Wednesday, March 6, 2013


During its 40-plus years of business, Myers Plants and Pottery has seen a lot of changes.

“People have been driving by for 20 years and never stopped. They didn’t know there was this much here. We hear this every week,” Stewart said.

Webb, who has lived in Pelham for 32 years, said the store hasn’t changed much over the years.

“This little place on 31 hasn’t changed a great deal,” Webb said. “This is our home on 31, and everyone knows it. People come from all over.”

Charlotte Hendricks first purchased plants from Myers was during the store’s Labor Day sale in 1992.

“I had birthday money, and wanted to buy a Japanese maple. I was so pleased, not only because he had them, but because they were half price,” Hendricks said.

The cost of plants at Myers is matched by the quality, Hendricks said.

“Over the years, I’ve found that not only are his plants and things so well cared for and great stock the he gets from the nurseries and growers, but his prices are comparable and lower than the discount places. You think you’re going to a nursery and it’s going to cost more, but it doesn’t,” she said.

Stewart said his customers range from 8 to 88 years old.

“Forty-one years is not really a long time,” he said. “I’ve seen from where parents are walking their children by the hand, and now those kids are parents leading their children by the hand.”

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