New Web site promotes county gems

Published 3:43 pm Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It does not always take brick and mortar to expand county services. Shelby County government has proven this notion time and time again with online tag renewals, interactive tax maps and a list of other web-based initiatives too lengthy to print here.

Shelby County recently demonstrated their commitment to expanding resident services by utilizing the Web with the launch of a new tourism website.

The site,, offers site visitors as comprehensive a look at things to do in Shelby County, and where to do them, as I have ever seen.

The new tourism site is a big step toward strengthening not only our county’s ability to recruit new businesses and entice visitors; it also serves as an excellent resource for those of us who call Shelby County home.

Interested in planning a few days of R&R right here at home? Try the interactive itinerary planner which helps visitors plan everything from shopping trips to golf outings.

Need information about the various sporting venues in the county? You can find it on the site along with information on lodging, libraries and the like.

Summer gas prices have helped create the buzzword “stay-cation,” the idea of having a vacation without burning considerable time and gas traveling to another place. Our county’s new site makes such an excursion simple to plan.

The site features interactive maps, photo galleries and other content geared toward boosting tourism.

With descriptions of more than 36 attractions in the county, including photo galleries and driving directions, the Web site takes visitors on a complete tour of our county’s hot spots without ever leaving home.

Overviews of Shelby County’s 17 different municipalities can also be easily found on the site, as well as a comprehensive list of upcoming events around the county so new experiences are easy to find.

Creation of the new site was a joint venture between Shelby County and The Partnership, a group of local government and business leaders; they too deserve our thanks for a great idea and the excellent result.