Election’s over, time to go to work

Published 6:44 pm Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Four new Shelby County mayors are planning their first terms. Many other incumbent mayors were re-elected and are continuing the jobs voters have asked them to do.

People in Calera, Montevallo, Pelham and Vincent have chosen new leaders for their cities, giving them responsibilities too numerous to list here. How our county’s mayors address their responsibilities will have a broad and immediate impact on each community in Shelby County.

These public servants selected by voters in their communities deserve our thanks for their willingness to step forward and serve; many among us would not pay their sacrifices. They also should be able to count on everyone’s help and support — even those who didn’t vote for them.

The wounds of any hard-fought campaign are often deep, and are best healed through a handshake and a sincere effort to work together for the betterment of the community. Any energy spent after an election complaining the results could certainly could be put to better use in helping our elected officials find success; doing so is best for our communities and is the shortest route to seeing our hopes and dreams realized.

It is easy for people and the media to get caught in the glamour and excitement of presidential campaigns; no doubt the candidates have planned and marketed their campaigns to keep voters entranced.

But it is City Hall rather than the White House that has the greatest and most direct impact on a person’s daily life.

Working hard to make our communities stronger is best done here at home, where people have a vested interest in what is done or not done and are willing to roll up their sleeves to help make everything better.

Here’s hoping our elected officials can count on that sort of support from us all.