Plan serves simple goal: educate

Published 3:09 pm Tuesday, February 3, 2009

During his last year of service to the Shelby County School District, then-Superintendent Evan Major often said, “Remember this: Everything we do as a school system must be focused on teaching little boys and girls.”

Mr. Major, addressing diverse groups such as chambers of commerce and assembled educators, spoke these words to remind us all that the most critical role a school system has is to educate its students well.

Mr. Major’s message from that time has been resonating in my mind and perhaps the hearts of many others who have seen the strategic plan developed by Randy Fuller, superintendent of Shelby County Schools, and a broad group of educators, business leaders and parents.

Much work has gone into development of what must be one of the most comprehensive and targeted strategic plans I have seen.

The builders of the system’s plan no doubt invested equal time and energy in making the plan a living document with accountability built into its very core.

The district’s plan is impressive and exciting, and will most certainly have a great impact on the lives of students in classrooms across Shelby County.

Each facet of the district’s new plan, from continuous school improvement to leadership development and instruction, has one common goal: improved student learning.

When visionary thinking and tactical planning collide, great things can happen. That is exactly the dynamic Superintendent Fuller and his team have created.

Little boys and girls and those who love them and will someday employ them, owe Mr. Fuller a heartfelt “thank you” for implementing a plan that will positively impact their lives and our community for decades to come.