Keep eyes on quick-change weather

Published 3:56 pm Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The old saying, “If you do not like the weather in Alabama, simply wait a short while, for it is sure to change,” proved itself true again over the past several days.

Warm temperatures and an oncoming cold front produced a tornado in Chelsea Friday damaging a BP station on Highway 280, followed Sunday morning by several inches of snow to the delight of children across our community. While the snow made for some family fun, the tornado could have been much worse than it was.

Thankfully, both storms passed without severe damage or major interruption to our everyday lives.

The quick change in weather should prompt us all to take stock of our severe weather plans.

Where will your family or co-workers go in the event a tornado warning is issued for your area?

If your friends or family members live, work or go to school in different parts of the county, how will you contact them to make certain they are safe?

Does your family need a tornado shelter or is an interior room in your home safe enough?

These are just a few of the important questions many Shelby County residents are asking themselves this week.

City of Chelsea officials recently announced they are giving a NOAA weather alert radio to every resident of the community.

Yet another part of the city’s proactive approach to weather safety is the installation of several severe weather sirens scattered across the community.

Taking every practical step to ensure safety, just as the City of Chelsea has done for its residents, is something we all should do.

We must invest a commensurate amount of energy into making plans for tornado and other severe weather situations. The importance of doing so cannot be overstated.