Chelsea taking smart steps for future

Published 2:58 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So much of the news these days can leave a person a bit depressed. High unemployment and job losses, a weak housing market, a shaky stock market and a generally unsettled economy leave so many of us paralyzed by the fear of the unknown and, perhaps even more disconcerting, the fear of the known.

But there is reason for optimism here in Shelby County. A strong and progressive school system, job opportunities and wages that are better than any other county in the state, ample quality of life, safe streets, and good neighbors and churches. We’ve got a lot going for us — even in tough times.

The businesses, families and cities in Shelby County are taking steps now to make certain that when the economy rebounds, as it most certainly will, they will be well positioned to seize any opportunity presented.

A perfect example of this approach to “getting ready” came at Chelsea’s City Council meeting last week.

City leaders voted to borrow $500,000 for city land purchases. Why bite off more debt when things appear to be so glum? Because smart business people and city leaders know the time to buy is when interest rates and prices are low.

Chelsea’s land purchases will be used to expand the city’s youth sports programs when the economy improves. Nineteen acres adjacent to city-owned land on Shelby County 51 will be the first purchase at a price of $262,650.

Citizens of Chelsea and those who might choose to live there, know when all is said and done, these land purchases will enhance the already excellent quality of life enjoyed in the city.

Leave it to Mayor Earl Niven and the progressive leaders on the Chelsea City Council to point the way for the rest of us to navigate these challenging times.