Calera election mess finally ending

Published 2:56 pm Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Word that the U.S. Department of Justice had approved the City of Calera’s plans to hold a municipal election Nov. 10 came late last week. That’s good news for Calera.

The city’s plan takes what were five city council districts and replaces them with six at-large positions; the six highest vote getters in the upcoming election will serve on the council.

The city was told by the Justice Department to set aside last year’s election results due to concerns over the city’s handling of its previous redistricting plan.

That redistricting plan was not approved by the Justice Department prior to last year’s election, setting into motion the events that have followed.

Plenty of Monday morning quarterbacks have wondered how the city ended up in the cross hairs of the justice department. Those questions should be put behind Calera citizens with the coming election.

Calera, like every municipality in Shelby County, has had a hard few months with challenges from the economy showing up as declining tax revenue and layoffs of workers.

It is in times like these that clear leadership and vision are priceless. No doubt the sitting council and Mayor George Roy have led the city well, but last year’s would-be election created a conundrum as to who was responsible for leading the city.

Uncertainty at city hall could easily create distractions from more important tasks at hand.

The question of who will rightfully lead the city will be answered in the election.

Now comes time for citizens of Calera to do their part: vote. After all, the more important questions for Calera are in the future, not the past.

Voters can cast their ballot from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on Nov. 10 at the Calera Community Center on U.S. 31.