Wilsonville can grow into a destination

Published 1:34 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What’s the greatest strength or most impressive attribute of the town of Wilsonville?

Town leaders and county planners must ask that question in charting a course for the town.

Ask that question of most any area resident and the responses are sure to be similar. After listing the people, loving church community, the students, faculty and staff of Wilsonville Elementary, steaks from McEwen’s Fresh Market and grits from Coosa Valley Milling, Lay Lake is sure to make most anyone’s list of things that make Wilsonville a wonderful place.

Every progressive community needs something that creates a focal point or brand, if you will, for potential visitors and newcomers.

Failing to put thought into what you want to become almost certainly guarantees you’ll be disappointed with the outcome.

With help from Shelby County Development Services, Mayor Rosemary Liveoak and other town leaders created just such a thoughtful plan over the last several months.

Their ideas were further developed with input from local residents and community leaders with an eye for what Wilsonville could become in the coming years and decades if growth is planned.

One of the most appealing elements of the proposed Wilsonville plan is the possible creation of a resort-like marina district along the shores of Lay Lake.

The envisioned district would be located just off Brothers Avenue. Imagine a waterfront village with homes, restaurants, shopping and a full service marina designed to be a destination for this area and beyond.

Wilsonville’s leaders were smart to partner with the area’s most talented planning and development team and should move quickly to fully adopt the plan. Doing so sets the stage for a bright future for one of Shelby County’s finest communities.