Keep your dollars in Shelby County

Published 2:09 pm Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Christmas season officially started the Saturday after Thanksgiving for my family with a visit to Old Baker Farm in Harpersville.

A freshly cut Christmas tree was the only thing on our shopping list, but the hot apple cider, petting zoo for the kids and many more special treats made the experience memorable.

Memories of watching our daughters pick just the right tree will last a lifetime, and chatting with the warm and welcoming Baker family makes any trip to their farm a wonderful experience.

The Bakers made it easy for us to spend money locally; so do other local Shelby County businesses.

You can save time, money and frustration by simply shopping locally. Numerous businesses are located throughout our community; they offer the convenience and service we all crave this time of year.

These businesses, like Old Baker Farm, help to create the environment that draws so many people to our county and to shape the hometown atmosphere of our cities and towns.

The ultimate impact of shopping locally can’t be overlooked either.

Estimates by many economists predict that one dollar spent at a local business will return five times that amount to the community in the form of city taxes, employee wages, etc.

Beyond this, many Shelby County businesses support our community through donations to schools and other local non-profit organizations. They are very good neighbors and are deserving of our support.

Very talented and dedicated people invest time, effort and money to create new and better jobs in our county and preserve those already here.

You and I can have a positive impact on this effort by simply spending our holiday shopping dollars at home. You just might take home some very special memories in the process.