Buck Creek Stained Glass searches for studio in Helena

Published 4:05 pm Monday, October 25, 2010

David Schlueter is seeking a Helena studio space for his stained glass business.

David Schlueter is seeking a Helena studio space for his Buck Creek Stained Glass business — one other than the garage that currently suffices as his workshop.

After arriving in Alabama to take a job with The Iron Door Company two years ago, Schlueter, a single dad, settled in Helena with his 9-year old daughter, Kennedy.

His vision is a studio/workshop that will also be open to the public; where folks can stroll in, have a cup of coffee, watch his craft in-process and chat with the artisan. He also wants an area where he can demonstrate glass blowing.

“I want to have the allure of a ‘candy kitchen’ in other destination locations — pulling people into my world.”

“There are two main types of stained glass work,” Schlueter said. “Tiffany-style glass utilizes copper foil and is appropriate for smaller and more detailed projects. Leaded glass is a more heavy duty process that provides greater rigidity in structure and therefore can be used for larger work, such as stained glass panels and windows for churches.”

Schlueter remembers his fascination with the leaded process began when he was about 12 years old and his route home from school took him by a local glass artist’s studio. There, he would hang around and watch custom creations in progress.

Schlueter trained under Kathleen Bromley at the family-owned and operated Stained Glass Studio of Clearwater, Fla. which first opened in 1978.

Like SGS, Schlueter is able to execute and/or design a quality product using traditional craftsman technique. His skills are particularly suited for restoration of antique panels such as those in historic buildings or churches.

His largest project to date was an on-site project stabilizing a series of stained glass panels more than 100 years old originally made by Tiffany.

Schlueter also welcomes custom commissions from individuals and offers gift certificates for holiday and special occasion presents.

“The best way to be sure someone will love the stained glass panel they receive is to involve them from the beginning in the design,” he said. Schlueter also repairs damaged stained glass lamps and panels.

“It would be great to see a series of craftspeople and other unique shops and eateries help make Helena into an attractive destination. With Helena’s natural charm and Buck Creek nearby, it seems that should be made to happen. I would love to be a part of the Final Renaissance that puts Old Town on the map,” Schlueter said.

For more info, contact David Schlueter at 205-541-3322 or Buckcreekglass.com.

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