Columbiana church of Christ clothing giveaway Nov. 13

Published 4:34 pm Friday, November 5, 2010

Columbiana church of Christ volunteers setting up for their Annual Clothing Give Away, which is Saturday, Nov. 13, from 8-11 am.

For more than 10 years, the Columbiana church of Christ has quietly ministered to people with their Annual Clothing Giveaway.

The lower case “c” in church is not a typo.

“Church of Christ is not our official title,” said preacher Nic Weymouth. “It is the name we go by as far as business and government forms are concerned. But it is more of a description than a title. We are simply Christians. That is all we desire to be. No more, no less. We are a church. We belong to Christ. We worship in Columbiana. Hence, the Columbiana church of Christ. Just folks trying our best to serve God in simplicity, spirit, and truth.”

Last year, more than 340 people received clothing, shoes, blankets, toys, tapes and books as they came to the church one fall Saturday morning.

“The motivation is pretty simple,” Weymouth said. “One of the main responsibilities of a Christian is to love all mankind. God calls us to show love in many ways.”

One way is to minister to one’s spiritual needs through the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Another way is to minister to the physical needs.

“Simply stated, we have our clothing giveaway because we love people, and we want to help,” said Weymouth.

This year, the giveaway is Saturday, Nov. 13, from 8-11 a.m. at the Columbiana church of Christ located at 20259 Highway 25 Bypass.

Most of the congregation is involved in some way.

“Whether it is helping with the planning, or getting the facilities ready, or hanging and organizing clothes, or getting donations,” Weymouth said.

He spoke of a special memory from a few years back. A woman came late in the morning and was looking for clothing for her children. The women of the church helped her locate some items that would fit her family.

The next day she came to church and over the course of a few months she became a Christian. Her children came to Sunday School and learned about God.

“We were able to make a real difference in her life, starting with the physical but progressing to the spiritual,” said Weymouth. “And she made a positive difference in our lives. To be able to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of others…to pass on to others the blessing we’ve received…that’s what it is all about.”

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