This Christmas, share good news with a waiting world

Published 2:25 pm Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting ready for the birth of a baby can be a hectic time. Set up the baby’s room. Arrange for furniture. Get some clothes. Stock up on diapers. Call GooGooGram. That’s right, GooGooGram.

This baby announcement service takes the hassle out of letting family and friends know of your baby’s arrival. It’s simple. When your baby comes, call GooGooGram’s toll free number and leave your 30 second message about your new baby.

For $24.95, you can have the message sent by phone to 25 people and by e-mail to 50 folks. No need for mailed announcements or individual phone calls. GooGooGram handles the announcement for you.

Just think, if GooGooGram had existed in the first century, Mary and Joseph could have used it to announce Jesus’ birth. Since the shepherds possessed no phone or e-mail, however, they received the “good news of great joy” from an angel (Luke 2:10-11).

You probably did not hear about Jesus’ birth from an angel. But somehow you got the news. God invites you to participate in the joy. Anticipate the wonder associated with the coming of our Savior.

As the Advent season begins, search for ways to make your joy complete by sharing some of it. Announce the good news by inviting someone to your family Christmas dinner who might spend the day alone otherwise. Include a child in your Christmas shopping whose family cannot provide presents this year. Send a card to a person in the military.

The surprising news received by the shepherds that first Christmas still carries heightened anticipation for us. That news never grows old. Have fun this year as you get out the good word to a waiting world.

The Rev. Darryl Wood is pastor of the First Baptist Church of Vincent. Contact him at