Jesus tells us God’s plan for his creation

Published 3:45 pm Tuesday, January 11, 2011

By REV. GEORGE HOLLIS/Guest Columnist

The Bible is God’s method of revealing the triune divinity to God’s creation.

God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are one, so wherever the Bible uses one of these names, the other two are present.

Generally, each of God’s three natures has a role in revealing God’s divine relationship with humankind.

-Creation:  God is the creator of all that has life and all that exists whether known or unknown.

-Blessing of Creation: God blesses creation with good. Foremost in God’s blessings are: we are made, both male and female, in the image of God; every part of creation is in a loving relationship with the other; and we are given a will to choose for or against God.

-Fall of Creation: Very simply, as we are given a will and a choice for our will to make, and we choose badly. We choose to run our own lives versus to follow God’s plan.

-Jesus Christ is revealed to show how a person can live continually in the will of God. Also, Jesus promises us that the time has come when each of us can now choose to be restored back into the will of God, and, in doing so, we can regain all of God’s created blessings.

-The Holy Spirit is revealed for us to know that a living Spirit of God can dwell within us to counsel us on how to choose wisely whenever our will comes against a choice.

In John 1:9-12, Jesus tells us in four verses the whole of God’s plan. Jesus tells us in four verses what takes the Bible 31,103 verses to tell us.

But, for us to believe and know the truth about God’s love, we need to understand the 31,103.

The Rev. George Hollis is pastor of Cahaba Valley Church, 5099 Caldwell Mill Road. You can reach him at