Letting go is hard to do, but is often necessary

Published 11:08 am Tuesday, March 15, 2011

By GEORGE HOLLIS / Guest Columnist

When do you let go?

Many times a person has devoted so much of themselves into loving another person or loving a business or loving something or someone dear to him or her that it becomes almost impossible to let go.

An example might be the way many people love their children. There is even a term for this grief ­— “empty nest.”

Even though you love your child as you always have, you know in your heart that there is a time when you must let go. Sure they will make mistakes, maybe many of the ones you made, but mistakes are theirs to make.

Two times in scripture there were occasions when at the proper time the mantle was passed.

Moreover, it came with a great deal of pain. Moses led the Hebrew people for 40 years in the wilderness, and when it was finally time to cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land, Moses could not go. But, Moses had taken Joshua up on Mount Sinai and let Joshua hear the direct voice of God and see God give to Moses the Commandments and the Law. Joshua was trained and gained the strength of God to fortify him.

Jesus took Peter, John and James up on a high mountain when He met with Moses and Elijah.

Jesus was transfigured into a person of Heaven and spoke with people already in Heaven ,letting Peter, James and John be witnesses.

At the right time, the next generation was trained and received the strength of God and saw for themselves that this life is but a speck in the span of eternity.

Jesus most likely wanted to continue His ministry, even to the point of crying drops of blood, but it was time.

With the Holy Spirit, it was time for the next generation to carry the faith.

The Rev. George C. Hollis is pastor of the Cahaba Valley Church, 5099 Caldwell Mill Road, in Shelby County. You can reach him at 531-3652.