It’s OK to question God; He provides answers

Published 10:59 am Wednesday, April 27, 2011

By DARRYL WOOD / Guest Columnist

On a recent vacation, I stepped into a local shop to purchase a postcard and stamp. As the clerk rang up my purchase, she wagged her head forcefully back and forth. “What is it?” I asked.

She told me about a teenager staying at a local retreat center. He came in the week before to make a similar purchase. He was under orders from his mother to send her a postcard. At the register, he asked the clerk where the stamp and address went on the card.

“Can you believe it?” she said. “He told me he’d never used the ‘real’ mail before! Only text messaging and email.”

Her disdain for this young man’s lack of culture was obvious.

“Well,” I responded, “You ought to be proud of yourself. You taught the kid something.” And I meant it. People learn by asking questions.

You can even learn things by questioning God. Some folks argue that no one should question God. But it’s OK. He provides quality answers for those who want to know.

Word of how God gifted King Solomon with wisdom spread far and wide. The Queen of Sheba heard about it. She came to the King and grilled him on many subjects and observed his ways. She left convinced of the man’s giftedness (2 Chronicles 9:1-8). The Queen learned some things as a result of her questions. Ultimately she gained knowledge of a loving God’s blessing. A failure to ask questions might have left her ignorant of God’s abilities.

Do you have questions about God or His work? He’s open to queries if you’re open to the answers. When you ask, be sure to give the Lord a chance to respond as He chooses. Now fire away! The Lord’s a top-notch teacher.

The Rev. Dr. Darryl Wood is pastor of the First Baptist Church Vincent. You can reach him at