We must accept love of Christ by ourselves

Published 4:22 pm Thursday, June 9, 2011

By GEORGE HOLLIS / Guest Columnist

This week, we’re looking at the parable Jesus told the Apostles in John 10:1-10.

The Lord was communicating that even after people commit to following Christ there will be false shepherds that will try to lead the committed astray.

Up front you should know that this pastor believes the free will of humankind is sacred to God.

But, the Holy Spirit has just as firmly committed people to a view that free will is not related to salvation.

I trust God that even if it be my error that what’s most important is to shake hands with everyone in Christian love and maintain an overriding need to care.

God’s love is always present and there is nothing that can diminish this love, but God will not choose for us the path of Jesus Christ, we must accept the love of Christ by ourselves.

Jesus tells the Apostles that there is only one gate that enters the Kingdom of God, and Jesus is the Gate.

The Great Shepherd is filling the Kingdom with many people, but there are thieves and murderers who will sneak in to rob and kill the saved.

There are illegal drug shepherds, addicted gambling shepherds, murderous shepherds and the like, that are always ready to damage the saved. There are also good shepherds that help keep the saved strong. There are kind and gentle people that are constant reminders of the way of Christ. There are teachers, preachers, organizers, corporate workers, police and fire people, mothers, fathers, grandparents, doctors and a hoard of other people that are overflowing with the Holy Spirit ready to show the love of Christ and help keep people firm in the Kingdom of God.

For all people who consider themselves shepherds for Christ, this parable is a call to be alert. Amen.

The Rev. George Hollis is pastor at Cahaba Valley Church. You may reach him at hollistree@aol.com.