Summer snow a tasty treat

Published 12:49 pm Friday, July 22, 2011

Cooper Spence, Heath McNeill, Luke McNeill and Connor Spence enjoy a treat at SnoBiz in Pelham. (Special/Connie Nolen)

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

Summer heat started early this year. The mercury reached triple digits in early June, and we’ve had little relief. Short of standing on the ice at the ice skating rink or in a cool pool, beating the heat has been hard to do this summer. So when the ice skating rink is not in open skate session or we can’t be in the pool any longer, where do we go in Pelham to keep cool?

SnoBiz on U.S. 31 in northern Pelham is a popular destination for a cool treat. Michelle Watson opened her Pelham SnoBiz location in 1992. She said she chose Pelham because “it was a great location right on Highway 31.”

Watson’s location wisdom was obvious on a recent SnoBiz excursion with a couple of my favorite 12 year olds. When the traffic began to slow on U.S. 31 South, lots of drivers made the easy right into SnoBiz to take a break from the heat and the traffic. Some people had kids with them. Others looked like they might have been kids in 1992 who were taking a brief detour to revisit that childhood for little while.

Offering 35 single flavors and many mixed flavors, the possible SnoBiz combinations offer about 80 total flavors of shaved ice. Watson reports that the top three flavors at Pelham’s SnoBiz right now are homemade ice cream, peaches and cream and tiger’s blood. Peak serving months are May and June and the peak time of day for customers is around 3 p.m.

Pelham High School graduate and current UAB student Haley Harnden is a long-time employee of SnoBiz. Harden said, “SnoBiz is a great place to work because they are very flexible with our schedules. We get to try all the flavors and we are never bored. We get to meet lots of interesting people, and we get to see our friends while we’re working when they come to buy a treat.”

A huge feature of SnoBiz is the affordability. Customer Carol Spence said, “It’s a great summer field trip for a mom to plan because it’s a good deal!”

With most items are between $1-$3, SnoBiz is one treat that is budget friendly.

Ten-year-old Connor Spence said, “I love SnoBiz because it’s refreshing in the summer.”

If you’re in need of a cool break this summer, stop by SnoBiz for great smiles, big flavor and family friendly prices.

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