Couple working to adopt

Published 5:23 am Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Darlena and Paul Hnizdil and son, Patrick. (Contributed)

By SHELBA NIVENS / Community Columnist

In 2004 Darlena and Paul Hnizdil adopted an infant son, whom they named Patrick.

“Raising our son has been the most rewarding and fulfilling part of our lives,” said Darlena.

But they believe God is not through growing their family and they’re now planning to adopt a child — possibly two — from Hungary.

“The projected cost of adopting one child from Hungary is $32,000,”Darlena said. “A sibling would add another $5,000.”

Darlena said they can afford to raise more children, but the initial cost is difficult to handle. So the couple has been working extra jobs, cutting back on expenses, holding yard sales and accepting donations to cover expenses.

Even 7-year-old Patrick is helping by putting garbage cans in and out for two friends.

They have raised $20,000 since October, Darlena said.

Life Song for Orphans organization partnered with their church (Brookhills) to match $3,500 donated by family and friends.

People have given them everything from clothing and jewelry to tools and furniture for their sales.

Grace Klien Construction donated three truckloads of items.

One friend who moved cross country gave them a 14 foot U-haul trailer full of goods.

Other friends, Amy and John Theobolt, who own a snow cone business, donated juice and the use of their snow cone machine.

“It has blown us away that friends, neighbors and strangers have given us so much to sell,” Darlena said.

Darlena said that all their paperwork for the adoption has been done and they hope to hear any day that they have been matched with a child.

Since they are infertile, they believe this is the way God has given them to build their family, she said. “We desire to fill our hearts and home with more children and Patrick desperately wants a brother and sister.

“He wants to protect them and tell them about Jesus so they can become Christ followers,” she said.

Darlena said she and Paul feel that bringing children into a home where they can be brought to Christ, is helping to fulfill Christ’s command to take the Gospel to all nations.

More of the Hnizdil’s story and photos can be found on their Facebook pages at Hnizdils Adoption News.

If you would like to help grow their family, you may send tax exempt donations to Lifesong for Orphans, PO Box 40/202 N. Ford St., Gridley, IL 61744. Please note on check: “for Hnizdil #1619 Adoption.”

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