Jesus made two promises for our lives

By REV. GEORGE HOLLIS / Guest Columnist

Jesus gave us two promises.

The first promise is that we can live in heaven forever.

Second, we can receive the Holy Spirit now to guide us and help us make better decisions approved by God.

To receive these two promises, Jesus gives us one commandment, John 15:12, “Go and love others as I have loved you.”

God, through Christ, by way of the Holy Spirit, has done all that is possible for us to receive these two promises. God is always ready to give us his promises.

When a person decides to love others as Christ loves them then the promises are received. God assures the person that they have received the promises.

Beginning with the instant of belief, our lives start to change. We become less anxious and more content. Anger comes up in us less frequently. We start to care less about this world and more about heaven. We begin to love people just because they are people. We feel ourselves becoming more loving people.

Will we make better decisions that will cause ourselves less harm? Yes. Will we stop being harmed by the world and by other people? No. Many have said they felt that the world and others may even create more harm against them because they believe in Christ.

We have assurance about our own salvation but do we have assurance about the salvation of others? No.

Do we know the many ways a person has been given to love others? No.

Do we have any idea if a person is fully using these gifts? No.

Surely we can tell if a person is saved by their outward appearance,? A huge no.

God justifies those that fully use their gifts to love, which change depending on a person’s circumstances.

Only God can know this.

The Rev. George Hollis is pastor of Cahaba Valley Church. You can reach him at