Emily Smith lives a busy life

Alabaster resident Emily Smith, a teacher at Pelham High School, grades papers at her residence. (Contributed)

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

As a third-generation graduate of Auburn University, Emily Smith is a life-long Alabaster girl. At the age of 22, she has not only graduated but actually has gained a teaching position in today’s stressful job market.

Daughter of Pam and Andy Smith (who met each other at Auburn when Andy and Pam’s brother were roommates) and granddaughter of Rev. David and Faye Bishop and Curtis and Marjorie Smith of Clanton, Smith has a younger brother, Zach, who is a junior at Auburn University. Back at home with her parents, Smith will begin her teaching career.

As a child, Smith was involved in gymnastics, dance, tee ball, softball and cheering in Thompson youth football. From the eighth grade through high school, Smith cheered for the Warriors. Smith said, “I loved cheering and miss it to this day. Some of my closest friendships were made in cheerleading. The pep rallies, then throwing the small footballs when we scored was so much Friday night fun.”

Smith and best friend Allison Powers went from kindergarten through high school together, cheered together, both went to Auburn and lived there together for four years. Allison is still at Auburn in pharmacy school. Smith and Powers know they are true friends and “have each others’ backs.”

Friends made at Creekview, Thompson Middle and Thompson High are cherished by Smith, and she is still close to quite a few of her “old circle.” Known to be a smiling, compassionate Christian, Smith has friends of all ages, occupations and stations in life.

Raised and involved in Westwood Baptist Church, Smith has returned to those “faith roots” after four years of Church of the Highlands in Auburn.

At Thompson High School, Smith was Miss THS and the homecoming queen. With honors classes, various committees and everything else, I’d say her plate was full.

Her favorite childhood memory was waiting for the fire truck to come by their house on Christmas Eve as she and Zach waited “impatiently” at the window. Her favorite Auburn memory? “My family all coming to tailgate, fellowship and spend the day. Sometimes this included grandparents, cousins, uncles, the whole clan.” Smith and her family also went to the national championship game to watch Auburn beat Oregon.

Now a geometry teacher at Pelham, Smith hopes to impact lives and prepare students for the real world. Each and every one of her 159 students are important to her.

Smith believes the Shelby County School District has a “solid reputation,” and she said she is proud to be a part of it.

As the geometry math team sponsor and a helper with the Miss Pelham High School pageant, it looks like Smith is continuing her busy lifestyle. How she stays in shape with Reese’s Cups and French fries as her favorite foods is a mystery to me.

Qualifications for her “perfect man?” He must be Christian, funny, good career or job, family oriented and, of course, an Auburn fan.

Community columnist Sandra Thames can be reached by email at bobthames1942@yahoo.com.