Trinity CrossFit training more than pumping iron

Published 2:31 pm Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Trinity CrossFit class utilizes a 14-pound ball with wall sit-ups to build strength. (Contributed)

By MOLLIE BROWN / Business Columnist

PELHAM — In 1980, Mark Smith had no idea the quest started to become the best martial artist would lead him to fitness and nutrition education as a profession.

A seventh Degree Senior Master Tiger Rock Taekwondo instructor and a student and instructor of Jiu Jitsu and Han Mu Do, Smith is owner and lead trainer of Trinity CrossFit in Pelham, formerly located on Keystone Court.

“Anyone searching for real fitness will find what they’re looking for here,” Smith said. “The problem with other workouts is none of them have defined fitness and CrossFit has. In addition to CrossFit, I also instruct Ho-Am Taekwondo classes here.”

CrossFit is a well-rounded fitness program as opposed to a single type of training such as running or lifting. Trinity CrossFit has used the CrossFit methods for more than two years, mixing gymnastics (body control), weightlifting (control of external objects), and cardiovascular training as a means of conditioning the body to meet all physical challenges, e.g., running a mile, carrying groceries or gardening.

New members complete a 12-lesson course that teaches nine foundational movements, a nutritional program and much more. At the end, members have a basic understanding of the CrossFit methodology and decide which program works best for them.

After completing the course, members can attend all CrossFit sessions, open gym days and special training events. A session includes warm-ups, strength skills and WOD (workout of the day). Each workout is for a score, which could be for time, repetitions completed or amount of weight moved.

Before joining Trinity CrossFit, Level One Trainer Dawn South searched for a weight-training program that constantly challenged her.

“One of the things I love is that you never do the same thing twice. There’s always a challenge. I’d never picked up a barbell until I started CrossFit. The class supports each other and we cheer each other on.”

Trinity’s recipe for success is one part nutrition, one part training and one part rest. Smith and his trained staff will help you reach your ultimate goal whether it’s for improved health, weight loss, general fitness or elite athleticism. Check them out on Facebook, or call 668-0091.