Santa surprises family in need

Published 11:40 am Friday, December 28, 2012

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

Santa eyed the vehicle warily and said, “We could take it for our delivery.”

“What exactly is it?” I asked.

“It’s a four-wheeler,” said the closest Pelham Police Department officer. “We use it during emergencies-or, if Santa chooses, for present delivery.”

“Let’s take it,” said Santa.

For Santa, a man used to ordering around reindeer, issuing orders to Pelham Police Department’s finest was quick work. Immediately, the police officers rushed into place-and I got out of the way.

Dispatch Supervisor Kim Crisp looked my way and said, “Hey, come with us.”

Who could resist following Santa on a four-wheeler? Loaded down with Christmas presents, Santa’s entourage drew lots of attention from everyone on Pelham Parkway. Santa waved and drove cautiously. “When there are presents involved, I must drive with extra care,” Santa later said. “Keeping up with the presents is a priority.”

Santa visits mom Lisa and her five sons: Roberto, 9, Alfonso, 8, Miguel, 10, Moses, 6 and Noah, 3. (Contributed)

Santa drove to the home of a Pelham grandfather who has taken in his five grandsons and their mom after a fire consumed the children’s home recently. The five boys appeared on the front porch of their grandfather’s house as Santa started unloading bikes.

They were stunned and wide-eyed as more and more presents appeared. Santa and Pelham Police officers carried gifts inside.

The boys bounced between the bikes outside and the wrapped gifts inside. Strapping on their new bicycle helmets, the boys were ready to ride, but the toys inside kept anyone from riding away on a bike. With all of the excitement and running, wearing helmets seemed like a wise safety precaution.

The coolest of all remote-controlled cars appeared.

One of the boys said, “I’m going to put this car on my shelf.” That’s a boy waking up with a smile on his face.

Why Pelham Police Department personnel are in cahoots with Santa remains a mystery. Behind the scenes, Santa said, “Gifts come from generosity which is an outpouring of love. The elves make some gifts. Others come from Santa’s helpers-those people who have love to share.”

We’re blessed with lots of Santa’s helpers in Pelham.