Little learns she is ‘normal’ after loss

Published 11:50 am Monday, June 17, 2013

By BETH CHAPMAN / Community Columnist

When a licensed social worker’s husband died, these were her words: “Grief and mourning has been bewildering, physically draining, emotionally painful, intrusive, pervasive and unpredictable. It has been like waves of emotions that rise up when I least expect them and they envelope me. I thought I was prepared, after all, for three years I knew this was the end point, but there was really no way to prepare for the intensity of emotion and feelings.”

Little (contributed)

Little (contributed)

When Cindy Little’s husband Bernie died in February of this year she didn’t know where to turn. She had picked up a pamphlet at the funeral home and had been recommended to Community Grief Support Services. Since she is a mental health professional, she quickly tucked the pamphlet away for future reference, but eventually registered for the class.

Little is one of many people who join grief support groups offered by CGSS. She said the most valuable thing the group is offering her is “safety.”

“It has been a safe place for me to talk about my loss and to cry openly.”

She said she has learned that she is “normal” and who doesn’t want to hear this when nothing in life feels normal?

Little is connecting with other people who are going through similar situations and friendships are beginning to form in what feels like a very isolated world.

“The group gives me nourishment every Tuesday night by providing me with a wonderful dinner and a time to socialize with the very safe group of people.”

Little said there are former group members and volunteers who have walked in her shoes and have survived and are able to smile and talk warmly about their lost loved one.

“They give me hope,” she said. “I am never told to forget my husband but rather to cherish my time with him.”

Little said she would recommend CGSS to anyone who has or is experiencing a loss. “Recommending the group is recommending healing and hope,” she said.

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