Helena’s mayor enjoys serving city he loves

Published 4:22 pm Monday, September 16, 2013

By BETH CHAPMAN / Community Columnist

Helena’s Mayor Mark Hall was elected in October 2012. Hall has 30 years experience in law enforcement, municipal operation and corporate management. He retired from civil service to enter the private sector, affording him training in public and private management.

Helena Mayor Mark Hall (contributed)

Helena Mayor Mark Hall (contributed)

Hall served as commander of investigations for Pelham, overseeing several capital murder cases. He also served as the chief of police in Helena.

He is a member of the FBI National Academy Associates, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Alabama Chiefs of Police and many other law enforcement associations.

Hall received his B.A. degree in Human Services/Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama and attended the FBI Academy 183rd Session.

His law enforcement experience is sure to contribute to Helena’s already lowest crime rate per capita in the Southeast.

Mayor Hall says he enjoys serving the city he loves and insuring that long-term success is brought to his city. “To be in a position to impact your community with positive changes and improvements for the citizens is indeed something I truly enjoy,” said Hall.

“Our citizens are our greatest asset and resource. There is such a great mix of talented people here in Helena, and they genuinely care about every aspect of our city,” Hall said.

From the great partnerships with their schools to the volunteer participation in the organizations and special events they have throughout the year he says their people make the difference.

Hall boasts of the most dedicated work force in the metro area. “While often asked to do more with less, our City employees take ownership in the City and are a vital part of the community, this helps us maintain a safe and clean community for everyone,” Hall said.

Mayor Hall said many changes are in Helena’s future. Their new high school will open in fall of 2014 and they expect it to have a big impact on the community. Athletic events such as Friday night football will be a big hit and the spin off revenue to local businesses will be a positive change for the city.