Meyers a longtime Pelham partner

Published 10:46 am Friday, October 18, 2013

Beautiful pottery and plants make Meyer's Plants and Pottery a colorful and unique shopping experience. (Contributed)

Beautiful pottery and plants make Meyer’s Plants and Pottery a colorful and unique shopping experience. (Contributed)

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

“We’ve been in business for 42 years,” Stewart Myers said. Myers Plants and Pottery has been around for as long as many people remember. Myers remembers coming to visit the current site years ago with his parents before this business belonged to his family.

“My dad drove a Greyhound bus,” Myers said. “And he and my mom loved antiques. We visited antique shops all over.”

“This was Toby’s Antiques,” Myers said. “When we were in here looking around, my parents loved the place. My dad told the owner that, if he ever wanted to sell the place, he should give him a call. The owner called my dad. Soon, we were in business.”

For years, Myers Plants and Pottery was also a Greyhound Bus Station. Today, the business does not include a bus station. Instead, the business focuses on unique pottery, fountains and handmade pieces that make Myers well-known statewide.

In fact, Myers also has an online store that does business well beyond state borders. One item that the owner is particularly proud of is the hand-painted ceramic pumpkins, which he purchases from a supplier out of Mexico. The pottery pumpkins have unique colors that add a new dimension to your average Halloween display.

“You have to keep changing if you’re going to keep your business going over the long haul,” Myers said. “The online store and new products are one way that we have continued to grow.”

One tradition that Myers is continuing this year is his Fall Pansy Sale in partnership with the Pelham Pantherettes Dance Team. The girls sell pansies and bulbs as preorders and then have a delivery day where they work with Myers and his regular employees all day at Myers Plants and Pottery.

“I give then a percentage of what they sell on their pick-up day,” said Myers. “Some of those girls are great salespeople.”

Saturday, Nov. 2, is Pantherette Pansy Pick-up Day. Contact any Pelham Pantherette to place your order before Oct. 28 and enjoy your visit to Myers Plants and Pottery on Nov. 2.